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hugh jackman hurt in oprah stunt

by:Marslite     2019-09-23
Hugh Jackman\'s dramatic entry into the Oprah Winfrey Show on the bold Flying Fox gives new meaning to the party.
The actor bravely slid from the top of the Sydney Opera House to the stage nearly 100 below, but did not brake in time and hit the lighting and injured his eyes.
The Australian star flipped 90 degrees at the time of the impact, damaged a spotlight, then hung on the stage for a few seconds, and then pressed by the hands on the stage.
Jackman\'s first sentence is \"It\'s a little hot here \".
\"I am not a hundred percent. my eyes are hurt.
Winfrey calls for ice
Pack and paramedics rushed to the stage to treat Jackman\'s injuries as the show was filmed ordering a break, the second Oprah Winfrey Show recorded today at the iconic Sydney landmark
Jackman joked, \"it was so interesting until the end . \" He\'s got his feet on the ground.
The shaken actor was taken away from the stage for treatment while he was entertaining the crowd at Winfrey, but then he came back with a small bandage.
He admitted that the excitement caused him to brake too late.
\"I wave to everyone and look at Sydney Harbour and see my dad, kids and you go pull the brakes and row,\" he told Winfrey . \".
The Queen of chat shows, her two shows are 10-
The Australian adventure, which she filmed for 302 American guests, joked that Jackman\'s stunt clips would become global news.
\"God, he played so badly,\" she said . \".
\"Oh, we will see this on the news over and over again.
\"On stage, Jackman bought some cookies for Winfrey.
\"I love it,\" she announced before eating a little more, rushing down with a glass of Benfu Grange, which Jackman said was \"something I don\'t have every day \". Winfrey-
Fever reached fever in two hours.
Including guest Bono, Jay-
Z, Bon Jovi and Australian celebrity royalty Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Olivia Newton-
John and Owen.
The Australian teams of Auburn, Kidman, Crowe and Newton
John ended the last show in a spectacular way, and with the support of the gonwana National Aboriginal children\'s choir, I still call it the home of Australia.
Winfrey watched the audience perform and then went back to the stage with a giant Australian flag moving in the front row.
It all started on the day Winfrey got on stage --
The man\'s voice at work declared \"me. . . Love . . . Australia! Several times.
The first episode included Crowe discussing his love for Sydney and why he would never go abroad and Jay-
Z joined their music class to surprise a class at Canterbury boys school.
More touching moments are when Terry, Bindy, and Robert Owen step on stage to pay tribute to crocodile hunter dad Steve.
Terri Irwin collapsed in describing life as a \"whirlwind\" with her late husband.
\"The wind stopped when we lost him,\" she said . \".
Later, I wore a long cream.
Wearing Colette dinligan\'s colorful skirt and dusty pink top, Winfrey took part in the five o\'clock P. M. show, welcoming Kidman and upburn to the stage for their first interview.
Winfrey told them about Nashville\'s life compared to Australia, and the couple revealed that they have a close friendship with other local stars such as Jackman and Croo, who are also in the United States.
\"We all help each other and support each other,\" said Kidman . \". Newton-
John, described by Oprah as \"the first Australian celebrity that Americans fall in love with,\" showed off his famous black Leka pants for grease, she said she hopes to auction them to a cancer hospital she built in Melbourne one day.
In addition to being one of the lucky few chosen from 350,000
Strong votes, fans are also given the trademark of Winfrey-aways.
The 6000 fans of the first show received a pearl necklace, while the second audience left with a special necklace --designed \"O\"-
This necklace features a rare pink Argyle diamond from the Kimberley area in Western Australia.
She also gave the Australian couple Christian and Rachel Anderson a check for $250,000 so they can take a vacation while Christian is on cancer treatment and the family is together.
Once the camera was turned off, Winfrey said the last word to her two viewers, each time she was talking about her experience as a \"godsend\" in Australia. \"We thank you.
We thank you for your open face and we thank you for teaching us that working life is much better than living and working.
Thank you for teaching us how to do it.
Winfrey and her guests have gone all over the country for the last 10 days and tomorrow they will stay in Sydney when they will attend the Bon Jovi concert at Star City casino.
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