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how to network with teenagers: is this year\'s faraday lecture a tribute to the electricity hero, or a sales pitch for mobile phones? jim cusick reports

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
At some point in the near future, in a casting studio in Hollywood, Steven spirberg shines in Jurassic success, and he will announce: \"This guy Michael ·
Established modern electrical scienceHe\'s private.
His religious beliefs are deep.
Sounds like Jack Nicholson to me. Yes, studio.
People will say, \"Yes, Steven,\" Faraday will be transformed from the 19 th. century self-
The son of the Yorkshire blacksmith and the architect of the classical field theory became \"India \".
Magnetic becomes shape.
The marketers will deliver.
He will make more money.
Somewhere along this line, some children will learn some scientific knowledge they don\'t know before going through the cinema door.
Some people may even become electrical engineers.
Such a result will bring a little honesty to any big company.
The Bucks explain the method of drama behind the avogadero constant and electronic charge.
But before Hollywood\'s options,
Media production hit the road in the UK this week, aiming to play more than 100,000 children aged 14 to 18 from now until next March.
This is the annual Faraday Lecture, the largest lecture tour in the world sponsored by Cellnet, mobile phone network and Motorola, electronic and semi-American
Conductor company
In the 19 th century, when Faraday began to explain his discovery
For example, he gave a lecture to the Royal Institution in 1846, when he suggested that the magnetic and electric operate in a unified way --
His speech mainly included some notes, some scientific props, and a basic explanation of his experiments and conclusions.
This year\'s lecture was held to \"celebrate the impact of Faraday and other scientific pioneers on our way of life\" and it gained something extra like: two 56 tons of equipment of 40 feet, 50,000 watts of stage lighting, 10,000 watts of sound system, cables, 22 people in a group and 38 people in a groupwide, 25ft-
High settings and the largest LCD projector in history, including video
A disc system capable of carrying 160,000 images.
Part of an hour
Long lectures devoted to \"history\" and \"Radio principles \".
The lineage of Hans Christian Ostend, who first demonstrated the relationship between magnetism and current, goes back to James Clark Maxwell through Faraday, and predicted the lateness of Heinrich Hertz for radio waves.
The experiment was confirmed at 1880 s.
The contributions of Marconi and Alexander Graham Bell were then briefly summarized.
Then is the basic principle of the radio;
What is beyond the visible spectrum;
The principle of tuning;
Now, audiences in their teens have realized that electronic valve technology is no longer a speech, but a performance.
It takes 20 minutes from Benjamin Franklin to World War II.
The remaining 40 minutes are about \"how the mobile phone network is built \". (
As Reader\'s Digest once observed, the longest word in the language is the word behind the phrase: \"Now, a word from our sponsor. . . \')
Students will build their own network on the stage.
Basically arrange color shapes on the board
Learn how Cellnet engineers use computers to manage networks.
They were told that the future is GSM, the national digital network of mobile phone networks. . .
And mobile phones.
The days of Latin, rubber, rulers, suits have passed
Square and log table.
Illustrates the benefits of improving reception, greater privacy and the \"exciting ability to use mobile phones in Asia and the Middle East --
The next prediction is that in 10 years, all audiences will have their own audience. . . mobile phones.
The journey is almost complete: the Faraday lecture turns into the Faraday Show, followed by the Faraday sales conference --
It\'s not surprising because its designers focus on sales presentations for international conferences.
There is also a prediction that this time it is 1957 classic book \"Hidden Persuader\" from Vance Packard about American advertising: In the end, everyone under the age of 16 will become
Faraday\'s lecture/show/sales meeting will give Mr. Packard a smile on his face.
In 1957, the mobile phone has not been invented.
S. electronic engineer 1958 Jack Kilby encapsulates transistors, capacitors and resistors in a semi-integrated circuitconductor.
Microchips are the future.
Kilby was not mentioned in Faraday this year.
But, as they say, this is entertainment. (
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