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how to make a theatrical set model

by:Marslite     2019-09-05
The theater set model is an important tool for set designers, directors, stage managers and lighting designers.
Before starting the actual setup, the designer built the scale model he designed.
This model allows the production team to make suggestions and modifications without changing the efforts or expenses of the full modelscale set.
Building a set of models requires attention and attention to detail, but both are of great help in Production Design and reward craft projects.
Draw the floor plan of the theater you will use.
If any, you will need to measure the stage area and apron precisely, as well as the height of the front arch.
Choose a standard scale like 1: 24, which means that the stage is 1 feet high or 1/2 wide, and the corresponding length on the model is.
For the preliminary model, you may want to work on a smaller scale.
Build a preliminary model.
Use a ruler and craft knife to cut the stage and apron area from the foamboard.
This rigid material will help to support the model.
Cut the walls and front arches from the foamboard or thick card and glue them in place with pva glue.
When the glue dries, you may need to fix the walls together with masking tape.
Make small models of major attractions from the card.
You can also use it commercially.
A model to choose from, such as a toy house or a railway model.
Review the script and write down any property such as a table, chair or other reference furniture.
Put these models in your zoom phase, but don\'t stick them in the right place.
Build scale models of other scenic spots, such as curtains or backgrounds.
Use paper and rags;
Approximate the color and texture you intend to use as much as possible.
Fix these in place with masking tape.
Present the preliminary model to the director and production team.
Listen to their opinions on the arrangement of the stage, color and other elements.
Create the final model using input from the production team.
This may be larger than the original model.
Draw stage and set.
Since the final model will be used for lighting design, it is important to try to mimic the real color you will be using as much as possible.
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