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how to make a powerful burning laser for cheap!

by:Marslite     2019-09-01
After watching a lot of videos about people burning things with high power lasers, I want one.
These lasers may cost a lot, though, but I don\'t.
So I made one and in this note I will show you how to make one for less than $10.
Let me know if I am doing something wrong.
This laser output is 50-100 milliwatts(I think)
, Can burn tape, light matches and melt thin plastic.
I was fiddling with this laser one day, I took a picture at amirmirror and then took a second in my eyes.
I heard a burst and I couldn\'t see anything in a few minutes.
Now, I\'m lucky that I\'m not permanently blind, but I might be blind if I take another second.
Having said that, never aim the laser at other people, animals, or any other creature.
Okay, let\'s make the laser now. You need: 1.
Old DVD drive (free)2. A LM317 ($2. 00)3.
10 ohm resistance ($0. 10)4.
Aixiz module starting from here :($5. 00)5. 6-
Radio Shack of Volt battery ($1. 99)
Tools Needed: soldering iron (free)Screwdriver (free)Total cost: $9.
10 Remove all screws on the DVD drive, remove the guide rail by removing the screws that hold it in place and removing the laser tray.
There should be two diodes on the laser sled, one of which is an infrared diode.
You can test the red diode by connecting the diode to the 3 Volt battery pack.
The weak 5 mw laser module is then removed from the aixiz housing and a new laser diode is added from the DVD laser assembly.
According to the chart, Weld 2 wires to the positive and negative poles of the laser diode.
Weld the positive line on the battery pack to the right pin on the lm317.
Weld the 10 ohm resistance between the middle and left pins.
The laser front is then welded to the left pin and the laser negative is directly welded to the battery negative.
The figure is a resistance of 5 ohms, but it should be 10 ohms.
It can still work if using 5 ohms, the laser will be more powerful, but will shorten the life of the diode.
Put 4 AA batteries in the battery pack and light it up!
The laser is really bright.
I like to take a picture from my neighbor\'s bathroom window and scare him up (Not a good idea).
But be happy, be safe, and not caught, anyway.
Oh yes, this is my entry for the evil laser race, so please vote for me if you like this guide.
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