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how to change the tone of your photo to cool temperature

by:Marslite     2019-09-04
Theme MatterThe easiest and most reliable way to create a photo full of cool shades?
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Look for a cold winter or a model with cool blue eyes and pale skin.
While sometimes you don\'t have much choice at this stage, deliberately choosing cool subjects reduces any post-processing work you plan to do later.
Theme and lighting example lighting conditions give your photos the next best way for an overall cool actor?
Use cool lights.
Again, you don\'t always have a lot of options in this matter, especially if you are working outside you can do something.
If you can get up early, the lights before dawn tend to be a beautiful blue shade and Twilight.
LED lighting will also be cool if you work indoors.
Camera lens filters if all else fails, you can still physically change the hue of the photo by using a color filter attached to the lens.
These are often expensive and non-adjustable, so they are not a good solution for everyone.
However, you can make your own DIY color filters for a relatively cheap price, so for those who don\'t have a good wallet, this is definitely a possibility.
Using a large amount of white in the photo will give it a cooler feeling.
While this should be used with other cool shades, the neutral white plus at least the lack of a noticeable warm hue can really add a subtle cool feel to the photo.
A good way to make the photo feel cooler is to add a little warmth to the photo to make the contrast.
By adding too much warmth to the photos, it\'s easy to drown out the subtleties of cool tones, so be careful when composing.
For example, bright flowers, even without too many flowers, steal the focus of the hue from the cool colors.
Example of contrast filtering-
Camera digital filter your camera pre-
Equipped with many powerful means to change photos, including some preset color filters.
Many filters also allow you-
The camera gives you more flexibility.
Experiment with the camera to understand the nuances of its preset filters and how they affect the cool of the photo.
Of course, your camera is also equipped with filters for specific lighting conditions.
But who says you have to use them for the lighting conditions they want?
Indoor lighting tends to be very cool compared to outdoor lighting settings and sunny setting.
Using the settings is a cooler step than the environment required by the technology to see where it will take you.
The preset color filter digital image editing program allows you to apply many very basic color filters to your photos.
Depending on the program you choose, some provide some presets for specific white balances, including cold tones.
This is a quick and easy way to make your photos cooler, though not particularly subtle.
Want to get the most manual control in the color temperature?
Adjust Color balance or level directly.
While this requires some practice to get the hang of getting the effect you want, the level of control you have is very satisfying and allows you to do more than anything else.
On the other hand, take a look at an article about adding warmth to the photos, and another article about the normal color filter and color temperature.
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