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how the lion king became the most successful stage show of all time

by:Marslite     2019-09-19
The Lion King celebrates its 15 th anniversary at the Lyceum theater in London, surrounded by a series of impressive statistics.
This is the highest.
In history, the stage performance has earned 3.
Ranked 8 billion in the world, more than the previous record
Hord Phantom of the opera.
Or, put it in a broader context, with a total global revenue of more than six of the most popular Harry Potter films.
But is The Lion King still talking to our time?
Has it retained its power and visual majesty over the years, or is it now more like a mandatory staging ground for foreign tourists to travel to London?
Over the weekend, I sat in my seat and felt a little uneasy about another statistic: 12 million people have done the same since opening in Lyceum on 1999.
I\'m controlling my expectations.
Musicals are not always in tune.
On 2004, for professional reasons, I went to the opera \"Phantom of the shadow\" for the second time. I was sick at that time.
The film version was released.
18 years after the opening of London, it was a frustrating night;
It feels like shooting out and selling through it-by date.
I was also wondering if there was anything that could replicate this pure sense of slack.
The amazing opening to see The Lion King for the first time is awesome.
It features giant elephants walking down the aisle and performing on stage with other animals.
The creatures of these creative designs are driven by actors: stepping on stilts like giraffes, riding a bicycle device, the antelope gracefully jumps from the bike device, holding long and curved high poles
Birds flying at their end.
When the stage actor wants to call M for the murder of The Lion King --
According to The Lion King, the giant glittering saffron sun rises on a undoubtedly African plain and proud rock from which the lion investigates their kingdom, rising from below the stage like a screw.
The internal organs of the scene were significant.
It is rooted in the collective nature of experience;
Around you, others are also making a tongue in their mouth.
15 years later, it still works well.
The opening of the ensemble of the second act is also the same: one by one, the ensemble actors sing with extraordinary drums, which makes the audience break away from their environment again.
It is easy to overlook how radical a drama The Lion King is, and has always been, under a huge groan and audience figures.
Thanks to the main promoter of this stage version, from avant-
Masks and puppets have been used in other works.
Dommor also designed costumes for The Lion King and even wrote lyrics for its song endless nights.
After 15 years, it still did well: Simba and the band on the stage (
Photo: John Pearson)
She created a very bad one.
It\'s usually moving and fantastic effects.
She did not attempt to cover up the fact that the animals were moved and performed by humans.
The drought in the African plains was gradually lost by a circle of blue silk through a hole in the stage.
When a lioness cries, she draws long white ribbons from her eyes.
Temer is reminiscent of a waterfall with a large roll of silk.
A group of actors marched on the stage with boxes on their heads and long grass sprouting from them;
This is the way Temer represents Savannah, Africa.
All of this seems to be a long way from The Lion King\'s animated films and videos, which were very successful at 1990 century Disney.
They are a pleasant entertainment based on a hero
Tales of Hamlet
As a young lion, Simba was blinded by his vicious uncle Scar, believing that he was responsible for the death of his father, King mufasha.
Simba escaped as an adult and regained his birthright from the scar that had become a king.
It\'s all fine for the moment, but demmor has a comfort and confidence in the film;
In the stage version, people are more vulnerable to threats, while recognizing that life is fragile.
She also highlighted the female characters in the film.
There\'s a tough-
Thinking about her story methodtelling;
Surprisingly, Disney, to its credit, approved such a radical reboot of the film.
But it works well.
The performance made in London was excellent, starting with Brown lindiway Mkhize, an extraordinary shaman --
Mandill, Rafiki, an eye-popping, very strange voice that can shake the foundation of Lyceum.
\"Visual Feast\": a set of scenes of The Lion King (
Photo: John Pearson)
Sean escovry and George esparry are excellent people, respectively. but-
Bill NAII Stern mufasha and a small campesque Scar.
There is an interesting stage art when the boy Simba (Ezrae Maye)
His muscular adult self immediately replaced him (
Jonathan Andrew Hume).
The comedy element is provided by a double act, John hasseller is Dinman of meerkat, Keith Boardman is Peng, a flat war Pig, both
Happily, the framework adopted the Jewish role. American stand-
Comedy, an ironic review of the action.
At the same time, in addition to Temer\'s vision, the music of South African composer Lebo M is second, which makes the film and stage version of The Lion King a crucial difference.
He expanded the original pop songs of Elton John and Tim Rice, created new songs and incorporated them into the obvious African tradition.
If there\'s a major voice in this musical, it\'s his-
Rhythm, melody, and harsh impact, as highlighted by the presence of two vibrant drummers, are clearly high on both sides of the stage.
However, some of his chorus arrangements were performed in Zulu, which was simply from the heart --stopping.
At this point, such John
Can you feel love tonight? The circle of life can easily feel tired and excessive. familiar -
However, they are very cleverly integrated into the widely expanded music framework provided by Lebo M.
There are some small stimuli at night.
On one occasion, mufasha told the young Simba about the natural order of life on the African plains: \"Everything you see exists in a delicate balance.
\"People want production to strictly abide by this sentiment.
Instead, to laugh, we got Ikea\'s punch gag, and Ding man and Peng did a short river dance knee --up.
There is even a dirty word about \"that cartoon\", which means The Lion King movie.
This may be an easy way for people to understand the need to provide filling materials between scene changes, but it breaks the connection with another world Temer has worked so hard to create.
It\'s like there are doubts about whether the brilliant vision of dommor can attract the audience\'s attention throughout the evening.
However, this is not enough to detract from the whole victory.
When we face this version of Africa, and the story of an eternal truth that makes a particular period irrelevant, we pause doubt.
Cleverly, The Lion King is taken to a space that is not influenced by the trend and fashion.
Not easy to date;
In fact, it can be imagined that it is still packing after 15 years.
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