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how scenography turned a zoo into a cinematic experience

by:Marslite     2019-09-11
If you think about it, a stage can be set up almost anywhere: on flat or elevated land, on stairs, or on a fashion show, in a park, in a parking lot, even in the middle of the street.
It really depends on the imagination of the director.
Before turning a haunted maze for a desert landscape or an abandoned house, the scene author must pay close attention to the background.
This is because a particular place or space usually has features that can be used to improve the authenticity of the drama experience.
This film presentation is achieved using multimedia technologies and strategies, including audio-visual systems, visual effects, motion design, animation, and ambient lighting.
Imagine the night experience of the tropical rainforest Lumina at the Singapore Zoo, known as the \"multimedia night walk in the wild \".
\"It was created by the moment factory in Montreal --
Headquartered in multimedia studios, known for its vivid concert stage design for Arcade Fire, Madonna, Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, Jay
Z, 9-inch nails, Bonjovi, red pepper, and a series of halfTime display, all-
Star and Championship.
Luminlumina is one of their most recent works.
What are animals doing when the crowd comes home?
Rain forest rummina wants to answer this tricky question that will appeal to young and old people as long as the zoo is nearby.
Visitors may not see any animals or rush away after the trees, but there is a good chance they will hear them.
In light and fog, the virtual characters inserted into the landscape set the stage for interactive wonders involving nature.
While other zoos open after dark will shine bright lights on the faces of real animals trying to sleep, Singapore Zoo uses light in a more controlled and sensitive way.
So what exactly do these virtual characters play?
They are performing an adventure, and the audience is part of the show, protecting the rainforest and looking after the animals at night.
In this case, the \"stage\" is the whole zoo, where visitors take a roundabout route in the forest and accept everything provided by the device.
The rock racks and streams of playful animals during the day have also become canvas for night shows.
Before this interactive scene becomes a reality, it is carefully outlined.
From there, simulation
The zoo view is to see how the exhibition works.
Like any theatrical performance, there needs to be a story --
Apart from the fact that this story is more than just entertainment, more needs to be done.
It must also attract visitors to the natural landscape of the zoo and take them to the zoo.
Every part of the adventure is as scripted as the actors in the actual drama, leaving enough spontaneity for families with young children to have fun as well. Want More?
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