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horrifying moment stage lighting rig crushes down on an orchestra during a concert, killing one and injuring five

by:Marslite     2019-09-05
At a concert in Central China, a musician was killed and five others were injured.
According to a statement issued by the local government, the musicians are part of an orchestra performing at the Henan Provincial Park on Saturday night.
The terrible video of the incident shows that during the performance of musicians and conductors, nearly nine lights were connected together, shaking in danger.
Then the entire metal frame was suddenly lost and slammed into the musician.
Video footage afterwards showed people with bloody faces and bloody clothes being treated.
The audience rushed to the stage to try to lift the huge rig, release the people trapped under the rig, while seeing others comforting the injured.
A performer was seen holding a bandage on his face while he was still holding his erhu
The stringed instrument, also known as the Chinese violin.
An audience seemed to be doing CPR for a woman in a coma.
Authorities confirmed that one person was declared dead in the accident.
Of the 5 injured, 4 were slightly injured and 1 was seriously injured.
Authorities say they have been receiving treatment in hospitals.
The cause of the incident is still under investigation.
The public concert in Xuchang city is part of the annual art and culture initiative organized by the local government in the spring and summer.
Free concerts are held every Saturday and performed by chorus, Chinese and Western instruments and dance groups, attracting thousands of people.
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