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holiday concert aims to blow minds

by:Marslite     2019-10-11
Hey, time traveler!
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Like the railroad, inspired by its name, across
The Siberian Orchestra seems unlikely. OK, crazy —
When it starts to generate steam in Paul O\'Neill\'s brain, you dream.
In 1996, when the veteran guitarist ignited the spark (
He started his career touring with the stage musical Jesus Christ Superstar)
The rock promoter decided to form his own band.
But it must open up new areas and break the boundaries of music.
Like Russia\'s railways, this is a case of \"either getting bigger or going home.
\"I said I wanted one.
\"In a rock band, a complete symphony and a progressive band of 24 lead singers,\" O\'Neal recalled in a telephone interview at the New York office . \".
I was asked why, and I said, I need a band with no artificial restrictions.
In this way, they can go anywhere and do anything.
It turns out that everything from Broadway to Beethoven, from rock opera to heavy metal to Christmas carols means everything.
In fact, O\'Neal\'s vision is to accept all the musical influences of his growth and blend them into a new style.
\"Basically, Cross
The Siberian Orchestra is a combination of all the bands I adore.
Classical and rock
\"Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Queen, who\"year-
Old composer and producerAdd a \"budget-be-damned\" audio-
Visual components (
Laser and \"Pink Floyd on big steroids \")
Pack everything in the cheers of etide and you already have one of the best things in North America
Arena attractions for sale.
TSO brings the winter tour to the center of MTS on Monday.
At present, the whole idea behind the live performance that has been on the road for 11 years is to have the greatest emotional impact --
\"Surprise the audience,\" O\'Neill said . \".
He spends more money on stage production every year.
About $25 million this year
Spending $2 million a month on seizure
It is worth lighting and special effects.
\"It\'s a bit out of control, but it\'s worth seeing just the look on the children\'s faces.
\"The orchestra is a perennial popular orchestra in the United States, where it becomes part of the festival as much as Santa Claus and Charles Dickens.
With two simultaneous works touring the continent, it is expected to sell one.
There are 5 million tickets in just two months.
This is also a good thing considering O\'Neal\'s opposition.
Scrooge decided to keep the price low
The most expensive ticket for Monday\'s show is $66, which is the low-end ticket for most large arena shows.
\"It\'s kind of like The Lord of the Rings.
\"Everyone has something,\" O\'Neill said . \" He added that TSO\'s demographics show that the audience of men and women is almost average, with an average age of 21. Monday\'s three-
The hour show will be divided into two parts: the first part consists of stories and songs from the band\'s first four albums, including the Christmas rock opera trilogy.
Act two will show their justice.
Released a double album of Castle of the night
A brand new rock opera that tells the story of a young girl and a mysterious stranger meeting on a California beach. The 26-
Recording of songs, including 68-
The story book of one page should be ordinary 10-song CD.
It should be in July of 2005 a release.
\"The later the time, the more pressure we have on it to better justify the delay,\" O\'Neill said with a smile . \".
Although the night Castle is the second non of TSOChristmas-
Its founders have no intention of breaking the Christmas tradition.
\"We \'ve been asking the fans if we should change,\" O\'Neill said . \".
\"We will not let the fans down.
\"We never dreamed that we would be part of the festival tradition, the holy grail of art.
If you do a book, a movie, or a record at any other time of the year, you\'re competing with the best people of your generation, maybe the last two generations.
\"When you do anything for Christmas, you will compete with the past 200.
The only critic you can\'t fool is time. \"carolin.
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