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holding court at the bar- judge has to rule from tipp pub

by:Marslite     2019-08-31
Not Murder on the dance floor. -
But yesterday, a judge sat under a disco light and heard a series of charges related to being late --
Drunk driving at night.
The O\'Donovans bar and restaurant at Ballperary\'s Ballina is an interim court, after desperately searching for a new court venue near Killaloe in Co Clare.
The court service reached an agreement with the local public, Michael odnovan, who opened his residence for Judge egneas McCarthy.
Judges look down on gardai, lawyers and court users from the rising stage that is usually reserved for bands performing at the venue.
But the faint disco lights were turned off in court.
A screen was pulled up above the bar, only 10 metres from the bench, although the court could see the taps of Guinness, Hilken and Carlsberg and several bottles of vodka and gin.
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Since the bankruptcy of the Kincora hotel in September, court users have been forced to travel a mile to Ennis and court sessions have been suspended.
The new location is only 1 km metres from the old one, where the court will hold a trial period of three months.
After experiencing a new environment, Judge McCarthy said yesterday that the venue was an interim measure by the court\'s services and said he felt \"satisfactory \".
Odnonwan said he was satisfied with the trial yesterday.
\"I don\'t mind as long as there is no problem and it runs smoothly,\" he added . \".
A spokesman for the court service said that alternative buildings such as community centers, halls, hotels and \"halls attached to public houses in some cases\" could be used without a court building\"
But this is not common, he said.
In this case, he said, the court was held in a hall attached to a public house.
The bar is not open during the session.
The move was made after the court service had rescheduled the district court grounds, with changes to the courts of Athens, ennismon and Shannon.
Lawyer Chris Lynch said there was \"no difference\" in a room with a bar \".
\"The venue is very good,\" he added.
It is functional.
I\'m sitting in court in a worse place.
It is warm and clean and suitable for the crowd.
\"I have worked in a lot of court places using multi-function halls and community halls.
\"I am happy to have the hearing back to kirakura because there was a major problem with people not being able to reach Ennis due to the lack of direct public transport links.
\"Ideally, we would like the old Court (in Killaloe)
But this is the second time. best option.
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