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hillary clinton’s pantsuits get a test run

by:Marslite     2019-09-18
DENVER-Hillary Clinton will give a speech at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night, but the real action begins a little earlier.
Clinton\'s aides presented several different sets of suits on the stage, each with a different color to understand how each suit\'s color reacts to the lighting and background of the venue.
It\'s probably to help New York\'s Clinton decide which color of her trademark dress is best for her big show. (
ABC News reports that glamour magazine published photos of her wearing a \"flame rainbow suit\" on Clinton this month
The engine is red to lavender.
\"Hillary, we love your suit ! \"”)
When Clinton strolled out to check the scene on Tuesday, she was wearing a light-colored linen trousers and performing well under the lights.
When Clinton and her daughter Chelsea tested the microphone on the podium, they all laughed.
Obviously, they don\'t have to speak loudly to hear and amplify her voice throughout the professional basketball arena.
\"Wow,\" said the former first lady.
\"It\'s a very sensitive microphone.
\"Click here to learn more about the Reuters 2008 event.
-Photo source: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton (
Clinton stood on stage while walking
Preparing for her speech at the 2008 national convention on democracy)
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