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hens\' night reveller sues theatre restaurant witches in britches after tripping on medieval stocks

by:Marslite     2019-09-08
Injuries on the football field are more common than girls going out at night.
A woman who fell and tore her knee ligament while taking a picture on a hen night is seeking compensation at the West Melbourne theater restaurant.
Ms. Monbulk, 47, Katrina Martin, filed a writ in the County Court claiming that the terrorists
The theme restaurant was negligent after she tripped over a group of medieval stocks and hurt her right knee.
Court documents show that on April 18, in a restaurant on Dudley Street, Martin MS was with a group of revelers when a waiter in costume invited her to take pictures of the stock.
When she went to the back of the artificial punishment device, the documents submitted to the court showed that Martin MS tripped and suffered a serious injury to the posterior cruciate ligament of her right knee.
It is understood that Martin did not receive any surgical treatment MS.
She also claims that her right knee joint cartilage has been damaged and has been mentally hurt, including stress, anxiety and depression.
In the statement of claim, Martin MS claimed that the legs of the stocks were made up of dark brown wood, very similar to the stage color of the English witch.
\"The stage lights are very dark and the visibility is very poor,\" the document said . \".
Dinner and Halloween at Dudley Street-
The stage performance of the musical style, claiming to be the \"weirdest night\" in Melbourne \".
\"For those with an evil sense of humor and a good taste of food, this fancy evening will surely satisfy them,\" it\'s website said . \".
An advertisement for the upcoming Mother\'s Day event in the English witch provides mom with a photo opportunity \"if she is obligated.
In seeking compensation for her injuries and loss of income, Martin MS said the restaurant did not warn customers of stock legs and did not properly illuminate the area around the stock.
Witch of Argentina, Englandborn co-
Maurizio Termine, a 53-year-old owner, could not be reached for comment.
Under Mr. Termine\'s ownership, the restaurant has faced legal issues before.
When it was burned by a fire in June 2006, it had been closed for nearly a year.
After the fire spread from the office area, it was estimated to have caused a loss worth $400,000.
Last year, the fire triggered a Supreme Court battle between Mr. Termine and his brother Daniel, who owned the restaurant after it was renovated.
After the court found that Maurizio had violated half of the agreement that the brother would have, Daniel Termine received damages of $500,000.
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The court also ordered Daniel to repay the $164,800 loan the restaurant offered him, including the $13,300 spent on jetski, the Witch advertised in the UK.
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