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henry v, barn, cirencester review: a populist hal for a post-brexit world

by:Marslite     2019-09-19
At this moment, Shakespeare on the stage is a bit hard on the battlefield of culture.
Who will do it and how it will be reviewed.
Did you cut it? did you rewrite it? it\'s completely colored.
Gender blind vote-
Flip it and play it directly?
Starting from 2015, we saw a traditional but convincing Henry V at RSC, where Michelle Terry found a double-sexual humanity in warrior --
The King of Regent\'s Park, recently Sarah Amankwa, mentally shaken edly on the stage in the Global Times, asking for love from an actor-played French Catherine.
Selencester\'s barn-the new kids in the regional production theater block-enters the competition with moderate resources, care and shrewdness, and there is no risk for itself.
Shakespeare may. . .
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