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heavy montréal diary: day two: iggy pop and more

by:Marslite     2019-10-05
No one said it was easy.
It\'s just, maybe, easy.
No longer go through the formalities, no concert bills, festivals or other means, with faith as the title, the IG pop will not be memorable and Montreal will certainly be heavy the next day. From “Hi.
I was angry when Mike Barton sang goodbye, which is not replicable. But not simple;
Sometimes uncomfortable, unlikely, and ultimately epic.
Making the park work for victory. Drapeau.
It didn\'t look like this at first.
Dressed in white, funeral.
The most striking floral decoration
For years, keyboardist Roddy Bottum led the band into the broken version of Motherf. r and stood out from 2015 and 1989, but there seems to be a distance between the band and the audience.
The band started and Bottum, especially singer Mike Barton, repeatedly had a great time in French pronunciation in Montreal and many other merci/ouioui/ça va talk.
The first half was interrupted by a huge epic and death-
Crowded time between songs. Weird.
Then there is a simple cover with a c é line bit (oui)
And growing ties.
The band was played by Billy Gould and Mike Bodin at Bass/drum and Bottum . . . . . . Well, it\'s either stupid wisdom, or sincere-that\'s moving forward when Barton handles all the gears with his stentorian voice.
As the set ends with huge Ashes, superheroes and Barton in the crowd, the band\'s momentum has completely shifted.
This guy fell in love with you and built around a gorgeous brave man.
In the end, the climax of only one person is over, and Barton is hanging out near bunny/Leopold --
They spent 9 minutes over time-the only band to do that all weekend.
Iggy twisted without fun, from get-
Go ahead, guitarist Kevin Armstrong recruits from 80 and reconnects the list of popular songs. “Beautiful! Wonderful! Generous!
Iggy cheered the crowd.
And two teenage girls in the fun of the stage next to the bopped barricades I want to be your dog, passenger, desire for life, one of sixteen, five feet, 1969, night club, some strange sins, strange mass production, I am bored, the threat of entertainment time and neighbors, only the new value of gratitude, we once again enjoy this human ligament with a strong voice and twist, and this list.
Because he\'s 68, that\'s why. Long may he Ig.
Montreal\'s own nu
The metal hero slave on the drug was the best opening of the next day, growling from the same stage of the band (FNM)
It was first inspired by singer Jason Rockman, guitarist Kevin Jardine and the band rock.
Select the wardrobe for the day from his extensive collection of Comicon t-shirts (
Star Trek: winning the next generation
Rockman pushed me through the Columbia Ascot, the pork sword, and played with the band-
The aid in the upcoming album \"horse\", and the man in \"poison\" and \"hidden bird\"
Look at the Unicorn mask.
In addition, rokman\'s wife, Julia ketzelski, and their children are also watching, which further illustrates the balance between Montréal anger and family.
The next day, brand signature, ping-
The combination of punk and metal.
John \"Speedo\" Reese of callehorn
The punk band rockets in the cave happily led a dog with the national anthem Dick, while guitarist Andy Stams was wearing his priest costume-interestingly, the reason why he wears this dress is basically the same as the reason why the metal head wears the cross.
Sometimes they wear headscarves. to-
The red leather on the toes, with a screaming yellow guitar, brings clean arena metal lines like Rita Ford.
There is not enough space here to discuss the recent development of her old band and its dirty svingali Kim Foley, but life is popular like running away from home
The singer\'s metal catharsis followed by a cherry bomb in his 70 s. God bless ‘er.
No, he may not bless Abbas.
Accompanied by guitar, vocals and B & W Cortana paint, this is your Norwegian black metal episode.
Still, the lingering images on the set were his dirty hands-they looked like he had just climbed out of the grave.
So that\'s the point of commitment.
After the names of the French band Gojira and their Eddie van Harun
Led by singer/roarer Chuck Billy when the crit legend will took over the Molson Canadian stage, he looks like Sam Kinison, has been dug out and works with Gloria
The loudest voice
By then, it seems to be the band of the festival (
Including Korn, although the sound is generally better the next day)
They tore up the rise for war, surpassed the eyes and into the pit, lit up the same fans and featured the apartment
Alex Skolnick, the next day\'s cooloso highlights amazing guitar crush.
This is the unified response/recognition given by Meshugah.
The tribe recognized its leader. Meanwhile, .
Hanging his own flag on the stage of revelation
\"We blew up all the rotten F * from California!
Singer Marc Vaillancourt roared before laughing, \"Mais non, tabarnaque, on est debarque de juste --là.
The Montreal band and the promising quartet\"
As Dennis lepedge (
As far as I know, it doesn\'t matter)
Tore up his SG. Our set-up to the Iggy-
The FNM knockout came from behind. to-
Pride Billy genius from Mississaugan, and then the Cali punk legend.
These are the two types.
First of all, Billy and the sincerity of the burning devil on my shoulder and the heartfelt cry of Benjamin covalevich --
Ig and FNM.
Then goo of NOFX.
Hang two pianos for the 50 th birthday of guitarist El Hefe, wear a pink dress and mouse to roll out Fat Mike --
Chew red mohawk to disband the Frenchman, himself, his band members and metal heads.
\"Look, the metal band,\" he said, \"if their song is so short, a minute and a half, then the metal band will be fine.
\"If you had time to play between shtick, you would have been like this --handling, pal.
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