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by:Marslite     2019-09-22
You don\'t need a senior degree to take a great graduation photo.
All you need is a few pointers and a simple point. and-
Shoot a camera or smartphone.
To prove this, we asked San Antonio Express
News readers share their best and no. so-
Best graduation photo, better instructions on how to capture your own capping --and-
People who love.
We then asked some experts about the tips for making these photos.
Here\'s how to bring your graduation day photo to the head of the class.
The owner of Sam San Antonio\'s studio pointed out that the digital camera uses a lot of power, so it is necessary to pack extra batteries.
If using a smartphone, make sure the phone is fully charged before the graduation ceremony. Express-
News photographers recommend assigning photo tasks so you don\'t miss any photos.
It doesn\'t need to be a whole. day gig.
Family members can be in pre-
Ceremony Photos and other photo settings.
We don\'t mean when they take off their clothes.
Photos of your graduates wearing hats to secure their hair or fiddling with robes in the mirror tell the story of graduation day, which makes them equally memorable.
\"Because it will be something that no one else will have,\" Luther said . \".
Do your graduates play football? In his hat and gown, he posed for a sea man trophy with football.
Combine the props or symbols of your graduate\'s favorite hobbies or passions to highlight his/her uniqueness.
Just don\'t go too far.
Pieprzyca recommends keeping the photo background clean and simple. Avoid at-
Sit at the coffee table and watch TV or other distractions.
Make sure your graduates don\'t have lights, tree limbs or other objects that look long on their heads.
Luther pointed out that we have done this on Twitter and Instagram, so in-the-
Instant photography of graduation.
Candid photos reveal the personality of the graduates and all the quirks of the graduation day.
\"These will be very cool things to remember in the next 10 years,\" Luther said . \".
Take a lot of photos and find the best.
The more you have to choose, the more chances you will find that great shot.
After finding the photos you like, delete the rest.
Luther recommends reducing your graduation day photo to the best 10 or 20.
\"My favorite thing is the picture of people laughing,\" David Tran said . \".
Teran noticed that the smile after the smile looked the most natural, so shoot it immediately when and after the smile.
Smartphone cameras, in particular, can invade the personal space of your graduates.
Your picture looks better.
\"Be close wherever you are,\" said Luther . \".
For portrait shooting, avoid taking photos with a lot of blank space, especially on the top of your subject.
For photos of kiddy graduates, kneel down and take photos of the child\'s eyes.
Ordinary graduates have only about four seconds on stage, says Pieprzyca, so it\'s better to plan to capture that moment.
Scout the graduation stage and parade area in advance to get the best photo spot and any designated photo areataking.
Practice shooting before your graduate enters the frame so you can adjust the stage lights or focus.
The graduation scene is not always the most.
Friendly lighting.
Therefore, Teran recommends improving the ISO setting of the camera in order to take better photos in case of insufficient light.
So try to practice the lens in order to get the best ISO setting.
Teran pointed out that you can also reduce the shutter speed of the camera in a dark environment.
This makes the shutter open longer to allow more light to enter the camera
This also means that the risk of blurred shooting is greater.
To compensate, use the tripod or chair in front of you to stabilize the camera.
He also suggests holding your breath while taking pictures so you don\'t shake the camera.
Everyone wants to take a picture of the magical graduation moment: the diploma handover and handshake, waving to the family, and the hat is thrown in the air.
Respect the photographer who wants the same photo nearby.
When you are going to take a picture of your graduate, tell them so they can get out of the way and give them the same courtesy.
Like before.
Photos after graduation
Graduation photos also provide a visual narrative for the day.
After the ceremony, everyone can relax and enjoy the achievements of the graduates.
You want a picture too.
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