ghost the musical: a feast for the senses

by:Marslite     2019-10-09
It\'s never easy to turn movies into musicals.
In movies, scenes can be carefully edited with camera tricks and special effects, but on stage, with hundreds of eyes watching, everything has to be done in real time.
However, director Matthew Vaux managed to do this by complementing the excellent choreography with a highly technical stage lamp light and visual effect.
Adapted from Oscar-
Starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg, the film won 1990 films, and Ghost is a romantic and emotional story set in New York City.
It tells the story of a man named Sam Wheat. Liam Doyle)
His fiancé, Molly Yansen (Andrea Laxton)
Their love for each other goes beyond life and death.
After his death, Sam learned that he had been murdered and asked for help from the media, Oda Mae Brown (Wendy May Brown)
Protect Molly from danger
In the \"ghost\" musical, the protagonist Sam died in the first half like a movie, and immediately became a ghost.
After hearing the gunshots, Sam ran behind the Gunners and turned back to see his body lying on the ground lifeless.
The musical cleverly uses lights to distinguish between living people and ghosts.
Thanks to magician Paul Kieve, his portfolio includes becoming a magic consultant for Harry Potter films, the illusion of vision generated by the projection layer used with the actors on the stage will bring real enjoyment to your senses.
The flash is also not economical to use, so it is expected to be temporarily blind in some parts of the program.
Light and projection aside, there are also some magic tricks in scenes where things float and life-free objects are resurrected.
Movies and music. In a word, musicals are movies.
Unlike musicals written for the stage, the storyline in the musical Ghost is as clear as possible, and the audience will be sure to know what is going on and whether they have seen the film.
While some parts have to be adjusted for a better stage adaptation, it is impressive to see that the flow of musicals is so close to the original script.
One of the most striking scenes is Sam rushing on the train to find a ghost that can teach him how to move things.
Let\'s not forget that Oda Mae Brown, her colorful performances have taken the limelight in almost every scene she appears in.
If you\'re not picky about finer details, it\'s enjoyable to sit back and relax with modern music.
From the beginning to the end, all kinds of music bring to the audience, but don\'t expect the perfect vocal music.
Sometimes Molly\'s lines seem too long to fit into the melody well, but when she coordinates with Sam and his \"best friend\" Carl Bruna, you will forgive her for stretching those voices.
While physical props may be simple compared to other musicals performed by Marina Bay Sands Theater, the fantasy on stage is definitely one notch higher than other musicals.
Finally, bring a pack of paper towels, because you may cry all the time during this emotional journey.
* Ghost the Musical has been played since November 15 and tickets are available from sistic.
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