getting into a n.j. bruce springsteen concert is harder than imagined

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If the draw looks like a long shot, it\'s almost impossible to beat Atlantic City\'s house and try to buy tickets for the New Jersey concert by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.
On the morning of February.
2. tickets to the concert held by Springsteen on Thursday and Saturday at East Rutherford Izod Center are sold to the public, and the simple pursuit of tickets has become a networkspace mayhem.
Thousands of Springsteen fans are looking for 38,778 seats for the two concerts, but in fact only over 6,000 people have successfully purchased one or more. According to the documents submitted by Ticketmaster, this is part of the attorney general\'s investigation into its business practices.
These documents provide a rare glimpse into the ticket industry and prove what concert-
Viewers have long suspected more.
For popular shows, odds are high, seats are small, and the sales window is closed in a matter of minutes. A Star-
Ledger analysis of the materials submitted to the state by attorney Ticketmaster shows that artists, their business partners and others have retained nearly 27% or 10,494 tickets for two shows.
So from the beginning, the pool was smaller than the fans thought.
Internet users have a great advantage over consumers using mobile phones.
The time was short, the first ticket was sold in 58 seconds, and most of the tickets for the concert on Saturday were sold in 44 minutes.
Thousands of fans never had a chance because computer problems lasted 4 hours after 9 minutes of sales.
Industry experts say the more complex problem is Springsteen himself ---
So popular that he sold out all 10 shows in his hometown.
\"In New Jersey, he is still the world\'s largest show,\" said John Shelle, chief executive of the concert promotion company Metropolitan talent.
\"It has a lot to do with this person. \"The Feb.
The sale was a disaster for the ticketing master.
Thousands of consumers complain about computer problems, and computer problems freeze their browser when others are angrily linking them to TicketsNow.
Com, a subsidiary, the broker is re-
Sell tickets immediately and with huge marksups.
The rebound sparked an investigation by the attorney general of New Jersey and led to an agreement that forced Ticketmaster to reform its business practices.
The investigation into the relationship between ticketing and ticketing agents continues.
\"It took me most of three hours.
\"I\'m empty,\" said Peter, Jr.
North Bergen
\"I was disappointed, but that\'s what happened.
This is the luck of drawing lots, or the luck of not drawing lotsluck.
\"The state\'s documents for reconciliation with Ticketmaster show the obstacles fans face.
First, the number of tickets sold to the public is surprisingly small.
The total capacity of the two shows is 38,778 people, but the ticket is only 28,299 (
More than 14,000 concerts per session)
Sold to the public that morning.
The Izod Center retains more than 1,600 tickets for each concert for media, sponsors and promotions, Arena suite owners and disabled people.
In addition, due to technical requirements, 1,098 tickets have been put on hold: the size of the stage and its precise sound and lighting equipment have not been decided before the sale, so the tour retains the back seat with a possible limited line of sight.
Less than 2,000 tickets per concert-
Nearly 10%--
Blocked for Springsteen and the sporting authority that sponsored the show.
Scher says it\'s not just a typical concert, he says he has a £ 500 promotion for a typical show by artists and Izod.
\"But this is his home,\" Scher said . \".
\"You have a band, a team, and a management company that both live in Jersey, or, worse, in New York.
After so many years of career, you have grandparents, parents, children, and possibly grandchildren, not to mention friends and business partners.
\"The other 550 tickets for each show are reserved for the band record company Sony and the booking agent CAA.
In total, about 5,200 seats are not included in the ticket sales for each show.
The person who bought the ticket knew that the time was short, because the computer of the Ticket Master was very fast.
Even so, the file shows that the first ticket was sold 58 seconds after 9a. m.
Sales began, and by 9: 45, 99% of the tickets for Saturday were gone. m.
Tickets for Thursday\'s concert were sold out before 11. m.
Consumers who use the Ticketmaster website have a 2-to-
A review of the document shows an advantage of Thursday\'s concert compared to phone users.
For Internet users, there is a greater chance of a show on Saturday, because 75% of the tickets are in-line.
Tickets 706-or 2 percent --
Sold through retail stores.
Patrick DeVincentis, 47, Forked River, took a day off at his computer that morning.
Although he had been to 10 Springsteen concerts 20 years ago, he couldn\'t get a ticket this time.
\"I know you\'re in New Jersey and you have more fans in this area alone,\" DeVincentis said . \".
\"You know they will keep tickets, but you are in an arena with 19,000 seats, so there are still 16,000 seats, unfortunately you can\'t get any.
\"The large volume crashed the computer system of the Ticketmaster.
The first error message--
Tell consumers about \"daily maintenance\"-
It was sent at 9: 09 in the morning. m.
File display.
It was not until 9: 45 in the morning that company officials learned about the problem. m.
The last message was sent at 11: 51 in the morning. m.
According to the settlement materials.
The company was able to install a patch before 1: 25 to correct the issue. m.
The error message locks more than 82,600 sessions.
No \"routine maintenance\" was performed before or during the sale \".
Instead, Ticketmaster reported that the problem was due to the installation of payment processing software in August to protect consumers and Ticketmaster from credit card fraud.
\"Extreme load caused by several Bruce Springsteen concerts
\"Sales show the limitations of software implementation,\" Joseph Freeman, senior vice president and assistant general counsel for Ticketmaster, wrote in a letter to the national authorities dated February.
The Ticketmaster spokesman, Hannah Kampf, declined to comment on the article. The second --
More questions. -
The problem that morning was the link to TicketsNow. com, an on-
Market for line brokers owned by Ticketmaster.
According to the consumer affairs division, the service provides a refund for 381 consumers who inadvertently purchased tickets from the secondary market.
The refund is calculated by subtracting the face value of the ticket from the price paid to the ticket.
A total of $246,257.
Hundreds were released from tickets reserved for disabled people, stage and sound equipment and sold through Ticketmaster in recent weeks.
In addition, the legal settlement between the state and Ticketmaster requires that tickets be sold to some of the 2,200 consumers through lottery tickets, who complain about Ticketmaster within days of the award openingsale.
State officials, in collaboration with Springsteen and the New Jersey Sports and Expo authority, which runs the Izod Center, sold at least 3,300 tickets through a lucky draw held during the parade, according to a spokesman for the authority.
Most of the tickets that Springsteen and arena will sell to complaining consumers cough up, and complaining consumers end up with a 70% chance of getting a seat.
Many fans, including DeVincentis, are not happy with this.
\"What annoys me most is if you complain that they give you a second chance,\" he said . \".
\"I have never complained.
Front cover 18--N. J. Rep.
Pascrell urged the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the sale of Springsteen tickets-
Ticketmaster oversold another Springsteen Concert Hall 7--N. J.
Music lovers Su website price 13--N. J.
The official will not disclose the Ticket Master fispley 6--
Ticketmaster summoned in the Internet subsidy investigation 22--
Some againFeb Marys fans were angry. 23 --
Ticketmaster agreed to stop the re-
Sold through subsidies. 8 --
Ticketmaster customers claim ripoffs mode other than Springsteen sales feb. 4 --
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