gctc review: inspired by parliament hill shooting rampage, les passants explores alienation

by:Marslite     2019-09-07
What forces a person to hit a government seat, determined to kill anyone in his way, is the core issue of Les Passants, the idea --
The thought-provoking but interesting new drama, written by former resident Luc Moquin of Gatineau Aylmer division, has a ground-breaking collaboration between two theater companies in Ottawa: The Canadian University
This is the first time that the Ottawa French and English drama organization has teamed up to produce a film.
Although the play is in French, the subtitle above the stage makes English easy --
Also the audience.
The spark of Mokin\'s work was a shooting on Capitol Hill in 2014.
In the notes on the show, Moquin wrote how the matter made him wonder \"How could a person be completely alienated from the world around him.
\"The play explores the issue, but not on a straight line connecting a and B.
Instead, Moquin draws on the tradition of absurd drama, combining comedy, tragedy, love, and death in a series of loosely connected vignettes depicting a series of life that fell into a clearly pointless
Neither politics nor religion is part of the story, how refreshing it is.
We met a non like Adele and her.
A boyfriend, a pair of funny office workers, a beer --drinking, TV-
Looking at a guy named Mark and the nerd Bertrand, his girlfriends have been avoiding him.
One of the central characters is a coat.
Toting office staff are experiencing a survival crisis and are suddenly tortured by the question of \"what am I doing here\" and \"Where is my phone? \" les Passants is a guide, including those who rushed past the coat without noticing him, highlighted the uncomfortable reality of disconnection: we could live in a bustling city, but on the street, we don\'t have a word, we can pass each other without a glance.
The other character rarely goes out.
She likes to isolate herself in the apartment, just like the garbage is piled up and she is dressed in dirty clothes.
We also met some people who bought books that they never read, and in a very interesting scene a woman bought a piano because she had done scales several times.
\"I heard it when I looked at the piano,\" she claimed, then distracted by the smell of baked goods.
In addition, the functional disorder of aromatic nature is handled by humorous methods.
For example, Nathan and Judith are trying to solve their problems --
Resentment and suffocation
Through the interpretation of dance, choreographer produced a wide range of body comedy, the laughter of the audience.
The set is beautifully designed and the background consists of a series of colored floors-to-
Can be used as a ceiling for doors, windows and even wide
TV screen.
They also provide a screen that projects images of actions that enrich the stage on the screen.
Whether it\'s bathed in orange lights or focused on a single talking bulb, the lighting design is unique.
Yes, the light bulb speaks, and this is an example of clever and surprising sound effects throughout the play.
Under the keen guidance of Jean Stephane Roy of Catapulte, the four-person squad is strong and well suited to the requirements of scripts that require comedy skills and drama skills as well as a large body quality.
In fact, it is performed in French, which is not a huge obstacle for anglos, although you have to read quickly and get used to distracting between the title and the stage.
Depending on your seat, this may also require some movement in the neck.
Despite the gloomy theme of social alienation, there is a hopeful note, which is reflected in a particularly fascinating scene, and this painful coat man is about to detonate the fuse.
The audience was silent as if they had witnessed a real moment not far from home.
In theaters, tension spreads if not in real life: just a hug is needed.
While it can effectively end there, the show continues to provide a comedy \"solution\" episode for our collective ennoi, including the interpretation of the dance section.
There is also a little preaching because a character describes indifference as a \"form of sleep\" that can be relieved with the right words, good stories or \"itching in the right place.
Finally, these three services are provided by Les Passants.
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