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from pauper to the first luvvie - thanks to a broken leg and a pop-up wig! quentin letts explains the influence of david garrick on theatre ahead of a bbc documentary

by:Marslite     2019-10-06
On the 18 th-
No one is bigger than David Garrick.
He is the best in England.
The famous actor, who has run the Royal Theatre for 29 years, Drury Lane.
Garrick created the plays, directed them, invented the form of stage lights, and changed the overall style of the British stage.
Thanks to him, the actors no longer stand on their feet at the time of \"ten to two\", with one palm sticking out and the chin lifting, while they also canceled the lines.
Garrick believes that acting means creating credible characters that speak in a normal way.
When he died in 1779, his lies sold more than 50,000 tickets. in-
The country and thousands of people lined up at the shore of London to see his funeral procession heading towards Westminster Abbey, where he was the first actor to be buried in the Poet\'s Corner.
Nearly after Garrick was born in 300, he became the subject of the BBC documentary, which was adapted from another ancient drama, fruit flavor.
Voice by Sir Derek Jacoby
This is a measure of Carrick\'s contribution, and his name exists not only in London theaters and streets, but also in the daily practice of today\'s thriving West End.
Cathy Hall of the Victoria and Albert Museums said that Garrick was \"George Clooney of his time \".
He has a lot of female admirers and has had a chaotic relationship with West End actress Pegg Warfington, who hates another female friend of her rival Garrick\'s beautiful Katie cliff
He became rich and bought himself a pile of things by the river in the Hamptons in west London.
He has many fans in France and often travels to France.
On top of that, he also had a notorious struggle with the 1750-year-old London art circle.
Garrick was born in Hereford in 1717 and is the son of a conscription officer.
The family moved to the employee Lichfield, where the boy was taught by a young principal named Dr. Samuel Johnson, who became such a firm friend, so they moved to London when they were almost in their 20 s.
In the documentary, we saw the London poster for October 1741.
This announces the dramatic performance of Richard III at an edge venue where the main character will be held by \"a gentleman who has never appeared on any stage.
This man is Garrick, who has been making a living in the wine industry.
His family was frightened, but his performance was fantastic, and in less than a year he played Shakespeare\'s Hamlet, King Lear and Richard II at the Royal Theater
Shakespeare has praised Garrick and Garrick for his naturalist work to bring complex characters to life, which helps to consolidate the long term
The popularity of the dead Bard.
Garrick makes the characters a credible mortal, not the rigid idealized characters they have in the old form of performance.
Especially short Garrick (5ft 4in)
Will be suspended halfway.
The line creates tension, making the speech easier to understand.
He moved his hands freely with his fingers and was restless.
He performed actions and mistakes for the characters, even when he didn\'t speak.
He did not use the latest technology either.
For Hamlet, he sometimes uses a wig with a device for the hair to stand up.
This is what the Danish prince used when he saw his father\'s ghost.
A hair. raising moment.
The audience watched in surprise.
Meanwhile, Garrick put foot lights, cleared the front of the audience stage, introduced the background, and stopped customers from coming in on cheap tickets halfway through the show.
Drinking at the stall was stopped.
There are prostitutes and gambling everywhere in the theater, but Garrick cleans them up and makes the theater an artistic pursuit, not a drunken circus.
Before that, the audience usually had half an actor. Sucking oranges (
Buxom wenches, who sells oranges, hangs out in the aisle).
Garrick, an outstanding public relations officer, used London\'s growing newspapers to promote himself as a celebrity, and he was the best after the King --
Famous figures in London‘Garrick-
Mania exists, and he is the first luvvie to say, although it has been centuries before that teasing term was put forward.
Legend has it that he is so focused on his profession that one night he did a great job with a broken knee --
Therefore, when actors wish each other good luck, they express \"broken legs \".
When Garrick died, his old friend, Dr. Johnson, lamented that his death \"covered up the joy of the country and made the public lose harmless joy \".
For a \"gentleman\" amateur athlete, this is not a bad cemetery.
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