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friday night lights and hilltopper weekend join forces

by:Marslite     2019-10-16
The summit Booster Association announced that it will combine Friday night lights with the summit weekend this year to double the fun.
The summit will be held at Cranford High School on Friday.
Investor bank yard in Tatlock Park.
The start time of the football match is 7 in the evening. m.
But the fun will start at 5. m.
The tailgate party of the festival.
The summit music Parents Association and the townney deli will sell snacks, so plan to go there early and bring appetite.
There\'s a special light on Friday night.
Shirts sold through the summit Booster Association.
All wearing \"Light It Up\" t-
The shirt will enter the game for free.
This is also a summit weekend . . . . . . So the fun will last until Saturday. 28.
The summit sports team will be held in the town, and a DJ will perform in high school from the age of 10. m. to 2 p. m.
The small town deli will sell lunch for all hungry fans. Buy a t-
For more information about the event, visit summitboostersnj.
Organization or association of contacts.
Boostersnj @ gmail
ComThe summit Booster Association is a parent company
Its mission is to support the profitable organization of public school sports at the summit.
Sports is an integral part of our student school experience and supporters are committed to supporting all sports teams at the Summit High School and at Lawton C.
Johnson Summit Middle School.
Since the 1950 generation, boosters have been a major source of external funding for track and field sports, contributing nearly $55,000 last year to support student athletes.
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