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floor collapses at rock concert in abbotsford church

by:Marslite     2019-09-26
On Friday night, at a crowded Christian rock concert at abertsford Church, stage scaffolding fell, knocking about 70 people down the floor and into the basement. Thirty-
The two were wounded and treated by ambulances, police and firefighters from several communities in Fraser Valley at Central Highland church on McCallum Road. Twenty-
Two of them had to be taken to hospital by ambulance, Const said.
Kathy Veney at abertsford police station
Although Vinet did not know their age or condition, three people were seriously injured.
\"This is a rock concert, mainly attended by young people,\" Vinet said . \".
About 1,000 people from the Lower Mainland and Washington state are enjoying a concert by the Christian rock band Starfield, 9: 17, with lamps and scaffolding falling above the stagem.
It falls on a group of people dancing in front of the stage, about 12-
15 feet from floor to basement below.
The hole left on the floor is about 24 feet square feet: Kevin Wittenberg Photo-a special photo of 13-year-old ProvinceAlyx peckinpaough, after narrowly avoiding a fall,
\"People are jumping, and I\'m jumping,\" she said . \".
Then she saw a security guard making a gesture and suddenly, the floor gave way.
\"I ran to the wall and yelled at my friends.
I couldn\'t find her, and then I saw her.
I ran out into the hallway and out there.
\"After the incident, the crowd, including the young parents who attended the show, crowded outside the church to cry and pray, because the injured were treated, and was taken to the hospitals of abertsford, chillivak and Langley.
\"Most of the injured were injured on foot, but some were taken away by stretchers,\" said Chris Douglas, senior pastor at the Central Highlands Church . \".
Ryan Collum and Troy Grenier are trying to find a friend in the chaotic scene.
\"We have a friend at the concert,\" Collum said . \".
\"We are really worried about her.
We don\'t know where she is.
Lorin Bergen, the pastor of Surrey life Hope Church, said that four young people in his church were hospitalized, one suspected of a broken arm and the other dug his hand.
\"We are very grateful,\" Bergen said . \"
\"It could be worse.
\"The concert was not organized by the church,\" Douglas said.
Instead, the management of the band has rented it out and sold their own tickets.
Members of Starfield were outside on their tour bus but did not comment.
Vinet said the police\'s forensic team was on-site.
\"We will do everything we can to determine why,\" he said . \".
After the event, first
The hand account began to appear on Starfield\'s Facebook page.
Here\'s what \"Elwin\" posted on the \"Fan Wall\" message board: We\'re the last row of pews that crashed in the basement.
We have bruises and a lot of pain.
Our Pew is with the people below.
Pray for all of them
\"Walter\" posted this: I was there.
Luckily, my little son and I were late on the balcony.
I pray for the band.
I pray that they will not be too shocked by this.
The injured (
And their parents)
Will heal soon and will not file a lawsuit against a band or church.
I pray for the congregation in the Central Highlands who will be able to worship on Sunday and will not be disturbed during the reconstruction.
When I went downstairs to help
I was a former volunteer, roadie)
I saw a woman fall down.
She lay down face down just (audience)
Right in the center of the stage.
She was unconscious and twitching.
I called 911, but I couldn\'t call.
This is 9: 18.
I checked when we realized that the horizontal lighting truss would not fall into the hole.
She lay on her back.
I don\'t know if she\'s okay.
Please update if anyone knows who she is or her condition.
From Starfield.
I want to encourage you by what could be a tragedy.
Shane talked to Shane\'s people about the fire, but God was with shadrak, micak, and abbednigo.
He will get through it with you.
He will also be with those injured.
On Friday night, McCallum Road was closed in both directions near the church and from Exit 90 of nearby Highway 1.
Anyone with photos, video clips, or any other disaster report is encouraged to submit to the province via our tag prompt page.
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