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floating led lights

by:Marslite     2020-01-09
You can make one in 15 minutes with some material instead of buying expensive pool led from the store.
This is guaranteed to work, very simple to make.
You need some material to do this project.
1 small clear plastic bottle with lid 1 LED 1 old flashlight aluminum foil battery packn-Seal wrap (Or opaque. Wrap)
Tape wash the jar with warm water so the label can be peeled off.
Clean and dry.
Stick the foil to the end of the battery pack, but be careful not to connect the end.
Stick the short foil \'-
\"The battery pack, the package of the long strip.
Connect the short foil to the short end of the LED, curl the edge, keep it in place, and then tape.
Take the second piece of foil and tape to the long end of the LED as shown in the figure.
After that, touch the loose end of the foil.
Its LED light is on and goes to the next step.
If not, check the wiring and, if needed, put a rubber band around the battery pack so that the contacts can touch properly.
After the wiring is complete, gently drop the system into the jar.
Then bend the edge of the jar and tape it.
The switch is an easy way to connect the loose end of the aluminum foil in a stylish way.
To make it, cover the entire lid with foil.
Then just screw the lid.
The circuit should be done by passing the current through the foil, thus turning on the light.
Unscrew the lid to open the LED and unscrew the lid to close the LED.
To make the jar opaque, use Press-n-
Sealed packaging of lid jar.
This will give a warm glow from the harsh brightness of the light.
Stick the pieces of foam plastic around the bottle.
This will allow it to float normally.
When putting it in the pool, be sure that the foil on the lid does not come into contact with the water because it will short-circuit.
Add more foam plastic as needed.
Add a circle of foam plastic around the jar if needed, as shown in the second photo.
So you have it.
You can make a simple floating LED yourself.
So decorate your pool and make it the best near you.
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