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flight attendant\'s hilarious safety instruction video goes viral

by:Marslite     2019-08-29
Fasten your seat belt, put your stuff under your seat, and put your electronics in airplane mode.
Martha Cobb of Southwest Airlines has some safety announcements and some jokes to share. The Houston-
As a result of a YouTube video showing her comedy twist at her regular briefing before departure, the flight attendant known as Marty is drawing national attention.
\"If we could just pretend to focus on you for a while, my ex.
The husband, my new boyfriend and their divorce lawyer will show you the security function, \"she began, immediately causing laughter from the cabin.
Then she moved to her seat. belt operation.
\"Like my grandmother was wearing her support bra, put the seat belt tight and low on the hips.
\"In daily life, Cobb calls floor lighting a\" disco light \", calls the safety information card a\" door Award \"and the life jacket a\" teeny, weeny, yellow bikini in the southwest
\"It was a perfect routine for her years and she finally decided to record and upload it online.
\"I learned in some way and said something interesting here and there,\" Cobb told us . \".
\"We have an extra flight attendant in uniform.
When we were at the gate, we gave the pilot a head --
She is very good. She made the film for us.
Brad Hawkins, a spokesman for Southwest Airlines, told us: \"We always try to make the flight experience something that people may be afraid . \".
\"With safety and everything, it can be difficult to fly.
You see how those people got engaged.
\"This is what we call very cheap entertainment,\" Cobb said at the end of the video . \".
\"No one needs to pay extra, but you won\'t get a refund for sure.
\"After a safe conversation in Cobb, the passengers applauded loudly.
Despite the strong response, the response has overwhelmed flight attendants for seven years since the video went live. Her three-
Minute skit has had more than millions of views since it was uploaded on Saturday.
\"I have nothing to say.
This is beyond my understanding, \"Cobb said.
\"I\'m not trying to be dramatic, but I\'m humble.
\"The Dallas native said she had no background --up comedy.
\"I wanted to be a Brazilian swimsuit model, but it didn\'t work,\" she said with a blank face . \"
\"I went to school to manage the restaurant and the hotel.
I threw both Coke and peanuts.
How is this resolved?
\"Southwest Airlines has always been known for different ways of traveling, and it seems that Cobb and Hawkins are proud of it.
\"We are proud of the personality we create,\" he said . \".
\"She is just another shining example of this.
\"As for Cobb, SWA gave her a few days off to get her together and get some media interviews.
As stated in the online video description, she would like to meet Alan de Jerez or Jimmy Fallon, but she has not received any news yet.
Cobb told us she wouldn\'t mind seeing Kathy Lee or Hoda either.
Maybe her next routine flight will be to Big Apple, not to Salt Lake City.
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