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fire, water damage at belfry assessed as theatre dries out

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
Although the Bell Tower Theater was damaged by an electrical fire, the theater\'s executive director said the show would continue.
The Victoria Fire Department received an alarm at 9: 45. m.
Friday\'s historic 131-year-old building.
According to fire investigators, when firefighters arrived, they found a small fire, possibly the culprit being exposure to exposed wires for stage lighting equipment.
The fire triggered the alarm and started the prinprinkler system.
\"There\'s about 5 inch of water on the stage --
The rooms with darker lights when we arrived, \"said Ian Haber, executive director of the theater.
\"Luckily the room was in the basement so the water damage was under control.
\"On Tuesday, a disaster recovery company aired electrical equipment in the theater.
\"At the moment, the loss is estimated to be around $25,000, but if the dimmer needs to be replaced, we might say more than $100,000 to replace them,\" Haber said . \".
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