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\'fear the walking dead\' filming may have turned a round rock baseball stadium into a \'zombie field\'

by:Marslite     2019-10-05
Photos and online chats have led fans of \"fear of walking dead\" to speculate that production may occur in round rocks.
Photographer Justin Snyder got aerial photos of the dale Diamond Stadium showing the crew at heightsecured area.
The footage sparked rumours that AMC\'s Walking Dead might have been filmed there.
Snyder\'s photo shows a variety of vehicles in the parking lot, including a dilapidated ambulance and a city bus.
Some fans commented that some vehicles, such as the brown and white RV, were similar to those used in the show.
Further away from the two lines, bodies are scattered around the parking lot.
Witnesses said plastic was covered on the fence around the stadium, with multiple trailers and lighting around the parking lot.
According to them, the area inside the stadium looks like a small farm.
The stadium was leased to a third party, according to Dell diamonds, but no one was revealed.
City officials did not respond to an email seeking comment, nor did the politician\'s call to AMC.
Hundreds of fans shared the photos on Facebook.
\"The Dell Diamond doesn\'t look like a ballpark, it\'s a zombie stadium,\" the user said.
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