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father of tilda swinton\'s children denies ménage a trois with her boyfriend

by:Marslite     2019-09-16
When Swindon and 17-year-old German artist Sandro science, who was younger than her, attended last year\'s Baftas and Oscar awards, her tongue swayed playwrights and screenwriter John Bourne stayed at home.
Now Byrne came forward to deny that he was part of an art group.
In an interview with The Times, he said: \"I was mistaken for living under the same roof as Tilda and Sandro.
\"I was portrayed as a benign eccentric who lived there when some people ---------his sweetheart.
Why am I doing this?
\"Let me clarify: this is by no means a ménage à trois.
Neither of us will have any similar trucks.
People think this way, don\'t they? Bizarre.
Tilda Swinton found the bed better than Bafta
Party Tilda Swindon is ready to suffer for the smallest film festival in her art world, while Swindon himself tries to downplay the more erotic aspect of friendship in the story.
She said: \"Indeed, I live here with John and our children, and Sandro sometimes lives with us, and we travel around the world together.
We are all family.
\"Swindon and Bourne fell in love in the BBC series\" Your Heart \"in 1989, where she played the leading role.
He left Scotland for London to be with her.
After their twin honors and the birth of Xavier in 1997, the family moved back to the north, but by 2005 the relationship was over.
Both of them insist that they are good friends.
Swindon met Kopp while playing a white witch in the Nanya Chronicles.
For the past three years, Bourne has been in a relationship with stage lighting designer Jenny Davis.
In last December, he and Davis lived in a house opposite Swindon and coppe Street.
\"What are you going to do?
Punish people who fall in love with others?
This is not the way to do anything.
\"That\'s what I said four years later,\" he added . \".
\"This is what you accept.
You won\'t say it\'s great and you won\'t be human.
But in a sense, it\'s great that we are such good friends-all of us.
You only want the people you love to be happy with your children.
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