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fashioning a new stage

by:Marslite     2019-10-15
C * ottesloe * will host an event, as was not previously seen at the lavish scene
Market * Station Street * was transformed into an industrial fashion stage tonight.
They will take over the parking lot next to their store, decorate it with truss lighting and recycled materials into a unique fashion show, and models will be shown on the runway in worn-out jeans, loose T-shirts and go this season-
According to the style of the shoes, Birkenstock.
Mainwaring told _ Access All area _, \"we are doing it in the parking lot to match the theme of the store . \".
\"We will have a DJ and a big fashion show.
We really want people to enjoy the night.
\"Surprisingly, it\'s not difficult to get other shopkeepers involved in the idea around the space.
\"Everyone has something in common.
Because I think they are all keen to have such an event in the area, \"said Mainwaring.
McDonald\'s added that they hope to have a real impact through the deviceup.
\"We are trying to do something different and become more unique, and I think it\'s important in retail and fashion because there are a lot of boutiques out there,\" she said . \".
The fashion and social scene of Cottesloe will appear in the audience, as well as some football stars such as John wozford, Adrian barrichy and Andrew enbeili, and
Mainwaring and McDonald said they have been overwhelmed by support since the store opened two months ago, proving that * Perth *\'s elite has a lot of demand for casual fashion.
\"I think we have found our niche and what the region wants,\" McDonald said . \".
\"Fashion is moving in such a direction that people are more willing to spend on clothes they can wear again, like a good pair of jeans.
Even though it\'s nice to buy a nice dress for events like the Melbourne Cup, investing in Staples is still good and that\'s all we have.
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