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faking bad: meet hollywood\'s nicest villain, tom hiddleston

by:Marslite     2019-10-19
Tom Hiddleston and I were on a winding boat and the sun set on a lovely autumn night.
He is boating.
Shall we turn the boat over?
When we got to the bridge, said Thor and the horse.
\"I want to walk down and tell you how fast I can go!
It\'s almost an embarrassing romance.
If this is an appointment, I might take action right away . . . . . . Now.
He told me he was single.
He stopped from boating, a drop of sweat from the dab on his curly hair, handsome bastard.
Then the cloud passed and I suddenly thought that if I wanted to grab the paddle and be a Talented Mr. Ripley in Hiddleston, I would never have a better moment.
He does make his life sound enviable.
\"I always stay by the sea when I\'m in Los Angeles,\" he says now, with a gentle U-turn.
When we shoot Thor, I\'m going 20 minutes south from Venice to Highway 405 at Marvel Studios . . . . . . I will run along the beach on Saturday, and I remember on the sparkling Pacific Ocean, I thought, \"you know?
It\'s okay.
\"I think Hiddleston is lucky. he is so impeccable and so sweet.
Burning his face in and stealing his identity will feel a little interesting.
He added: \"I know it will be very irritating when you read on your way home from work on a damp October night,\" for those who don\'t hang out with Natalie Portman, pretend to keep an idea with readers who make a living fighting Chris Hemsworth.
We decided to have an interview outside because we all felt a little tired and hidleston wanted to have fun in the park and he allocated his time between Chalk Farm and Venice Beach.
It took him a long and hard afternoon to be photographed in Dorchester.
It took me a long and hard afternoon to wait for him, and on the dedicated Tumblr, I sank the martini and read the fan fiction of Tom Hiddleston. tumblr. com. (
One of the stories was advertised as \"14 pages of pure hidleston smut \". )
This ship is a spur. of-the-
But it turned out to be a pretty good idea.
The slight tiredness seemed to ease him.
\"I like how we do it! ’ he says.
The 32-year-old Hiddleston can review his career and learn through Eton (
He\'s Eddie Redmayne\'s classmate), Cambridge (
He performed across from Rebecca Hall. , Rada (
He was in the same year as Andrea ricesboro)
Warehouse Donmar (
He was found by an actor agent in Los Angeles)
Hollywood now.
It turned out that he was not only very polite and insisted on paying himself for a boat trip, but was also very careful to transfer his own feelings.
He said the ambiguous, pretentious conversation that he loved \"was a month after-minute-
Plus the discussion of identity and narrative.
Still, when he quoted Shakespeare, it did not appear too pretentious.
In fact, we have met and talked about Thor: The Dark World in which Hiddleston replays the evil brother Loki of Thor.
By 2011, he had already won praise for plays such as Othello and Ivanov, as well as for small British films such as Joanna Hogg\'s \"irrelevant, but in the first movie \"Thor\", Kenneth Brana, \"take him to the world. \"
Since then, he has appeared in Woody Allen\'s Midnight Paris.
Scott fitzgerrard)
Jim jamusch the only love is still alive. as a vampire)
And superhero spin-
Collection of Avengers.
\"I must be honest.
Rocky was something that made me go beyond the audience that came to Dom.
I had a good time with him.
If you want to be God, you can also be the god of mischief, right?
In fact, Hiddleston and Rocky are a good match.
Hiddleston won double first place in classic: \"So my knowledge is more about Greece-
But I did learn something about the God of northern Europe. ’ (
Once he said, \"Ah, tempus fugit,\" it took me a while to realize that it was the Latin of the \"Time Flyer. )
Not only did he continue the tradition of British villains in Hollywood, but when we started out --
He has been attacked by Islamic terrorists and Russian gangsters, and has also brought deep descriptions that are often lacking in superhero types.
\"It sounds really boring, but because Kenneth blana and I are both Shakespeare lovers, we made Loki with Shakespeare\'s characters,\" he explained . \".
Brana and Hiddleston had a bond, both of whom appeared in Chekov\'s Ivanov in 2008.
Hiddleston talked about how he rushed into the dressing room in Brana on the 19 th.
A Century of Russian doctors waving a water cooler as a Nordic war-axe —
Inspire Brana to send him there. (
The two also appeared together in the BBC\'s Swedish crime drama wallland. )
For the role of Loki, we talked to his two brothers about King Lear;
We talked about Macbeth and his ambitions.
We talked about Iago, the way he spun various situations for himself
Interest . . . . . . Shakespeare was the place where everything started for Hiddleston --
He described 2007 works of Othello as \"the happiest time of my life \".
He now returns to the little theater and plays Corrio Lanas in Josie Locke\'s work.
This play is one of Shakespeare\'s plays.
Although he believed that the combination of war, politics and weird mother-to-child relations resonated with Hamlet and Gertrude, it was a well-known tragedy.
\"This is about the greatest general in the Roman army, who became a national hero and a politician for the elite.
But he has no political conditions.
He has the equipment to be a soldier.
It plays this true feature of human nature, how we build people, and then we push them down.
He said to some passing ducks, \"What will you get, will you like peace and war ? \"?
One makes you proud, the other makes you proud. ’ (
It will take a while. )
Maybe the Americans are talking about Obama.
He explained that it could be related to Syria.
I said he started to sound like his mentor, Brana.
Will he direct himself?
One day, yes, not now, I\'m not sure if I\'m ready.
But I don\'t know if there is.
He said: \"I always feel that he has made a deep impression.
He\'s the one who let your expectations go down.
He\'s not what you expect.
He is one of the most diligent and perfect actors and directors we have.
Then, just as I was about to take over the rowing race, the boatman drove us in his motorboat.
We\'re more than half the distribution. hour.
Back on land, I had more questions about the past of Hiddleston.
His parents divorced at the age of 13, although the relationship was still friendly.
He and his two sisters are the children in the middle.
\"I am very close to my sisters.
They\'re my best friends.
His sister Sarah is a journalist in India, and Emma is an actor.
Contrary to your expectations, his lineage is not entirely aristocratic.
\'I am a successor to many different parts of the British experience,\' he said.
His father, James, is from greenlock.
Class area in Glasgow
He was the son of a shipbuilder, and when he was a teenager, he worked in a butcher\'s shop, but through the local grammar school and the University of Newcastle, he managed to \"educate himself out\"
He eventually became the general manager of the pharmaceutical industry.
Hiddleston\'s mother, Diane, came fromto-
While Benjamin Britton was still working, his parents hosted the Aldeburgh Festival.
She plays the organ to a high standard and acts as a stage manager.
They are all very curious people, Hiddleston said.
\"I feel like their taste and complexity are defined as much as anything else.
He said that as a boy, he was never very confident, but very serious.
\"I have been worried about wasting my time.
I don\'t want to go back and think, \"Why don\'t I do something or do something?
\"I used to read obituary.
They always start with the date of birth, maybe the county proposed by the theme --
Then start living at the age of 25.
What happened to those 25 years of just living time?
I shouldn\'t have asked about Eton.
With so many sources of leading actors, it\'s no wonder they haven\'t built a pipeline from Berkshire to Mount Hollywood --
But I think that\'s what he thinks.
If you only need to define the first 25 years of your life with a place name, he will be sure to always be afraid to be \"Tom hildston, Eaton\'s old actor,\" right?
\"I know, that\'s what\'s strange about the narrative,\" he mused as we strolled through the autumn leaves.
People are formed by love and loss.
Through family, friendship, sadness and courage . . . . . . And failure, heartbreak and happiness, and all the things that make life colorful and fun.
But the narrative that people form from all the colors and interests is always so concise. It’s all chaos.
He mentioned one of his actor friends. Scottish, half-
Malawi who grew up between Zambia and Dorchesteron-Thames.
Now, as a mix
The racial actor, everyone wants to shape him as the East End character on Parliament property, but he has no connection with that world at all.
Will Hiddleston play the council legacy? ‘I’d love to.
This is exciting when you have the opportunity to do something that is not your natural heritage.
He said he did not mind coming down from the production line of young and handsome actors in Britain.
It\'s just that he doesn\'t like to be judged against his background: \"Most people are running in the direction they want to escape who they are.
The smaller the gap, the happier you will be.
Does that make sense?
My point is that no one is willing to be judged for who they are.
\"I was going to leave Eton school there, but he came back.
So, I\'m 13 years old. it\'s time to change school.
My father has such an extraordinary life. He got up from the ground.
He came back from school and said [Glasgow accent]
\"There are 15 football fields.
Can you imagine? Fifteen. Amazing.
There is a theater with its own lighting equipment.
There is a building for drawing. You have to go. Have to.
Hiddleston paused.
So once you see this, a person with nothing, do their best to give their children the best education, and then you go out from the other side and everyone throws fruit at you . . . . . . \"It\'s okay, you see,\" he added . \".
I was fortunate enough to receive an extraordinary education.
I feel very honored. I know my life is very pleasant.
But there is also complexity.
I would like to summarize this rose-colored photo with some shadows to give you more details, but this is not my past.
I think it is impolite to speak out in public.
Anyway, we\'re here right now.
See what\'s in front of you.
The sun in the park has fallen, the sky is pink, and the outline of the trees is pink.
Very beautiful.
This is too unusual, he said.
That\'s why I like the city.
To be honest, I will not trade for anything with such a night.
Why do you want to go somewhere else?
Thor: The Dark World was kicked off by 30 October photos taken by Tomo Brejc.
Designed by Anish Patel.
Fashion assistant: Jesse Wright.
Amanda Grossman of Frank\'s agent company combed it with Nip Man.
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