exclusive: hero doctor tells how he rescued man \'pushed\' off balcony at derren brown live show

by:Marslite     2019-10-19
A cardiologist told today about the moment he helped rescue a man who, after falling off the balcony in a live show by magician Darren Brown, grabbed tightly
James Richardson, 32, is from Islington, and on Saturday he and his wife Emma watched Brown\'s infamous performance at the Palace Theater on Savannah Avenue.
When they left the big circle
The second floor of the theater
Dr. Richardson said he saw a man \"falling from the sky\" before colliding with a female audience and landing for half\"
Conscious on a metal lighting device 30 feet off the ground.
He said: \"There was a loud noise, and the guy just crossed the edge and came to this 18 in metal and he was grabbing the edge of it.
\"A guy sneaked over and grabbed his arm, and then Lewis and I jumped over the seat, grabbed his chest and waist and pulled him back.
\"That\'s Hollywood. esque.
When the guy\'s hand caught him in time, he almost lost control.
Dr. Richardson, who is currently working at the Royal Brompton Hospital, added: \"I gave him an examination.
He had no obvious injuries, only a few scratches.
He was moving his arm and talking to his legs.
If he falls, he will not succeed.
Brown, 42, said on Twitter: \"It\'s a joke tonight that a woman pushes her husband from the balcony.
He fell, grabbed the circle above on the way down the mountain, and hung from it.
He\'s fine, but the last episode.
It\'s terrible to send the best ideas to him and his wife.
Dr. Richardson and his partner waited for an ambulance, both French and from Islington, who said he believed he might have fainted.
He said: \"He really doesn\'t know how he got there.
After the show, he stood up and the next thing he could remember was that he spoke to us below.
\"His wife, Emma, tends to be hit by a woman in the fall, describing her pride in seeing her husband and friends start acting.
\"He and Lewis were one of the first people to get there, and James used his medical skills.
He\'s my hero, \"she said.
The Palace Theatre warns guests on its website not to sit at the highest level if they are afraid of heights or mobility inconvenience.
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