eurovision song contest 2016: norway and denmark enter the running

by:Marslite     2019-09-17
Between them, they won the last three European visual song competitions to be held in Sweden!
This time, both countries are looking forward to a good result.
The Danish European visual representative Lighthouse X could cause trouble for British players Joe and Jack who entered European vision this year.
Like our three kids. piece all-
There is a mid/mid-term male performance
The Tempo number is similar to the type of song.
\"Soldier of Love\" is a song about making minor changes that can make a big difference in life.
Its upper mouth has an unforgettable hook.
This will attract a younger audience-who, to be exact, is their own English boy, who will rely on this to raise the scoreboard.
From the show that won the Lighthouse X Denmark ticket in February to European vision, it has not changed much.
The two singers will be dressed in the same costume as the Danish final.
The light and routine of the stage lamp can only see minor changes.
Denmark nearly lost hands with another boy in the European visual final last year.
Band costume, although this time similar results may not be a bad thing for the UK, the confidence of the Danish camp is high.
At the European presentation in Malmo on 2013, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR was fully prepared for the victory.
They sent a truck across the Oresund bridge to connect the city to Copenhagen, the Danish capital, with the words \"see you all in Eurovision Song Contest 2014\", at Eurovision Centre, an arrow marked with a \"14 km\" Scandinavian competition is usually friendly, but they do take it very seriously.
Denmark is better in Sweden than Sweden is in Norway.
In the 2010 season, Denmark and Sweden were in the same semi-finals.
There is only the last one left, and neither country has announced it.
Sweden is a popular country to win European vision, but Denmark is the one to enter European vision.
What is even more disgusting for Swedes is that the Danish entries of that year have been submitted to the Swedish pre-selection, but the jurors who have been selected for the song are discounted.
Norway hopes to hold the European conference again, and their hopes are on the shoulders of Agnete. (
No, not the one from ABBA-it\'s Frida half Norwegian anyway).
With her song \"icebreaker\", Agnete took part in the Melodi Grand Prix in the Norwegian European visual choice final in February, and achieved such a big victory in the high-quality national final, norwegian broadcaster NRK may need to set aside some crowns in order to host European vision again in 2017.
European visual juries make up 50% of the vote and they like different things.
It\'s different, it turns the whole concept of a song upside down.
99% of the time, the rhythm of the chorus will be faster than the verse in the song. Not so here.
For the professional jury of chorus and music experts, the icebreaker slowed down and I can\'t see how this was overlooked.
This puts Norway in a favourable position under the new voting system.
If the new system provides surprises at the last minute, it is likely that icebreakers provide surprises.
Stage performances are as powerful as vocals.
From long blond hair and cold blue, Disney\'s Frozen shades are everywhere
Wear a white dress on a cold background.
In general, this is very Nordic, and the winners tend to have a strong ethical color on their own culture.
It is also very modern and will fit well into its elements in the Radio 1 playlist.
This really can\'t be discounted.
Norway finished last with 11 record scores at the European visual center.
They have reached the terrible \"nul point\" four times \".
This will certainly not happen this year.
They have now won European vision three times and are often at the top of the scoreboard.
In 2009, the last champion in Norway came from Alexander Rybak.
His song \"fairy tale\" still keeps a record of getting the most points at the European visual center.
The new voting system means that this year\'s record will be broken, but if Norway breaks its record, Leicester City will not just celebrate another fairy tale this year.
Thanks to previous victories in Sweden, both countries will have the opportunity to win this year\'s European visual song competition.
Denmark\'s Orson brothers won the same universal pavilion, but Norway won the most this year in Sweden\'s two closest neighbors.
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