eurovision has pop, politics and a dancing ape — but no russia

by:Marslite     2019-09-02
Sprinkle the sequins, light the disco lights and get ready for the battle
It\'s time for the European visual song competition, a celebration of kitsch and cheesy pop music with political and patriotism as its background.
It\'s not just a singing competition, it\'s more about shoe dancing diplomacy.
This week, music shows from more than 40 countries took the stage in Kiev to compete for the European visual Crown watched by about 0. 2 billion television viewers.
62 annual cleaning competition
Cut crocodile, electronic beat, yodeling Romanian, and even a dancing gorilla.
But there is also a big gap: Russia\'s diplomatic and military conflict with neighboring Ukraine has weakened Russia\'s participation.
Russia is one of the European visual heavyweights, tied first with Sweden
Five at the end of this century
But this year\'s Russian contestant, Yuliya Samoylova, was blocked by the host Ukraine for touring Crimea after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula 2014 Times.
In response, the Russian government
The first-channel TV, which owned it, refused to play the game, replacing Saturday\'s final with the movie Alien.
Russia has been angry since last year\'s Ukrainian singer Jamala won the game for 1944.
The song describes the expulsion of Crimean Tatars to Central Asia under the leadership of Soviet dictator Stalin, but also suggests their recent treatment under Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Ukraine was the host of this year\'s European presentation, winning 2016.
John Kennedy O\'Connor, author of the official history of Europe outlook, said Ukraine has long used Europe outlook as a way to annoy Russia.
\"The last game was in Kiev, a song about the Orange Revolution, and it was allowed to play,\" he said . \".
\"Ukraine has been going on for a long time and now this game is going to be in a real crisis.
\"The political problems of Moscow\'s production enterprises --
Kyiv split is the producer of Eurovision, a headache for the European Broadcasting Union, which strives to separate pop music from politics.
Explicitly ban political flags and banners and monitor the lyrics of inflammatory content.
In the 2009 incident, EBU blacked out the Georgian entrance we didn\'t want to put in, a dig into Putin.
The union was criticized for not banning 1944 people last year, allowing Russia-
Tensions in Ukraine have worsened.
Ironically, since Eurovision was founded in 1956, the aim is to bring together European countries that have recently clashed.
It was launched a year before the establishment of the European Economic Community, the predecessor of the European Union.
Chris West, author of Eurovision, said: \"Eurovision, like the European Economic Community, was born with this passionate belief that we cannot have another war in Europe! —
The competition and the history of the continent.
\"Both institutions are driven by this feeling of never again.
\"Starting with cooperation with seven countries, the European vision has grown to more than 40 countries, including non-European countries.
European countries like Israel and-
A bit controversial-far-off Australia.
The game helped Sweden\'s ABBA start his career.
The winner of Waterloo in 1974
Canadian Celine Dion and Irish High School, who won the Swiss championship in 1988
River Walker dance, half
Entertainment in 1994.
Eurovision, with its huge gay followers, has become a symbol of optimism and liberalism --
This year\'s motto is \"celebrating diversity \".
\"Transgender Israeli singer Dana International won in 1998, the bearded Austrian dressing queen Conchita Wurst won in 2014, and was praised by liberals and conservatives.
Especially in Russia, nationalist politicians use the game as evidence of Western degradation.
The revival of Western Europe?
On the stage, many European vision
Observers expect Western Europe to rise again this year after years of eastern and northern European rule.
El Salvador made a stunning appearance at the Arena tonight.
Do you like the performance of POR ? ? ?
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