eurovision 2018 rehearsals: cyprus spectacular closes the show with fire and fury

by:Marslite     2019-09-17
Cyprus is the country for the last show in the first semi-final and they will finish the show with one of the biggest shows on the lineup.
There is a lot of smoke, laser, flame and anger in the eyes of Eleni fulila.
Cyprus is providing a large number of services for sass.
From the show she won for Greece in European vision, the choreography of Helena papaliza is different, but it takes things to a whole new level.
Eleni is wearing a gold sequined cat suit, a black mini jacket and a gold High Heel Boot, and her dance is in black and silver high heels to get you in.
Add it to a stage with incredible laser tunnels, fires, and smoke on the screen and the news center is finally starting to live.
With it, a standing ovation.
With a lot of passion, arm-swinging, hair-throwing, hip rotation, side steps, striking poses, Eleni is using all her catwalk tricks to sell the song.
When the Cyprus Broadcasting Company RIK went all out to board their first European visual crown ever, there were stage lights, fireworks and fireballs in red and purple.
After Portugal\'s victory last year, Cyprus is now the longest-running competition in Europe.
But Cyprus is right in the competition for 2018 Champions of the European visual song competition.
This went straight to the final and people asked how far it could go.
The best European visual score in Cyprus\'s history is fifth, but it is likely to beat it.
Since London-born Lisa andlias ranked fifth with a stronger score per minute, it has been 14 years and Cyprus has not been close to the first half of the scoreboard since then.
Cyprus will receive the 19 th song in the first European visual song competition on Tuesday, May 8.
The show will be broadcast live on BBC Four with Rylan Clark.
Comments by Neil and Scott Mills.
Britain will vote on the show.
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