eurovision 2018 rehearsals: austria fire up an oil rig for cesar sampson’s top notch rehearsal

by:Marslite     2019-09-16
Austria did well in the first rehearsal of \"no one but you and Cesar Sampson\", which proves that he was indeed a surprising competitor in this year\'s competition.
Austria has a strong voice and a high stage. it is on the list.
Cesar began performing on a raised platform, with the yellow spotlight coming in from the side.
Below is a big pot of yellow lights and smoke.
At the beginning of the show, Cesar\'s face was lit up with close-ups.
As the song moves towards the chorus, the spotlight starts to play, and then as Cesar is illuminated by the overhead spotlight, the lights and smoke rise.
It is somewhere between the oil rig and Batman and is investigating a smoking city below.
This is a great opportunity.
When a magical camera projection is off, the platform drops and Cesar drops to the stage
His face appeared on the screen.
Then he went away, and as the stage went from yellow to red, he held his head high on the stage and looked like a real superstar.
This is the stage lighting program used by conchitta worth on the road to victory for Austria in 2014.
The sound was still perfect throughout the process, and Cesar looked very comfortable with the performance.
He is wearing gray carrot pants and a gray top today, but it may not be suitable for live performances, but it looks good.
Austria as two-
Time champion of European visual song contest.
They won in 1966, but it wasn\'t until 2014 when Conchita Worcester rose like a phoenix and stole the crown that they approached again.
They have been in the finals since then, but won nul points at home in 2015.
Nathan Trent scored 93 points in the jury last year, but nul points in televote.
Austria will receive the 13 th song at the first European visual song competition on Tuesday, May 8.
The show will be broadcast live on BBC Four with Rylan Clark.
Comments by Neil and Scott Mills.
Britain will vote on the show.
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