eurovision 2018 rehearsals: armenia brings stonehenge to the stage for qami

by:Marslite     2019-10-20
Sevak Khanagyan performed Qami in the first rehearsal of 2018, and the British audience may raise one or two eyebrows.
The stage looks like Stonehenge.
This is an underrated song that really looks good on the camera.
The dark lights started the stage, but the lights brought the stage to life again.
There are swing spotlights and more stage lights on the huge lighting fixtures, but the focus is very focused on Sevak.
Wearing a large dark jumper and trousers
Length cardigan, he will do well to avoid sweating as temperatures soar in Lisbon next week.
This may explain why he is using a wind generator without hair and clothing.
In fact, in Armenia, Qami means the wind, and the whole song is a tribute to the wind: The wind is silent, the wind is deaf, and loneliness becomes when the soul is full of emptiness
Vocal music is rough, singing well from start to finish, full of passion.
When he sang the song in Armenia, it overcame the language barrier.
Armenia has never won the European visual song competition.
Since they started the game in 2006, they have achieved the best results, which was in 2008 when Sirusho won the fourth place on Qele.
In 2014, they again ranked fourth with Aram mp3 and only failed once in the final.
Armenia will receive the 16 th song in the first European visual song competition, which will be held on Tuesday, May 8.
The show will be broadcast live on BBC Four with Rylan Clark.
Comments by Neil and Scott Mills.
Britain will vote on the show.
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