eu mergers and takeovers (dec 4)

by:Marslite     2019-09-15
Brussels, December 4Reuters)-
Here is a brief guide to the merger being reviewed by the European Commission and the EU merger process :-U. S.
Pizza Hut and Italian counterpart TelePizza (approved Dec. 3)None —
Wieland, German manufacturer of copper products-
Witkey buys flat-plate rolling products from German copper smelter olubis
Notice June 13/deadline extended to February. 2 from Jan.
After Willan.
Offers submitted by Werke)FIRST-
Phase review before deadline
CVC Capital partner, investment fund manager, acquired Recordati, a pharmaceutical company (notified Oct.
26/deadline December. 4)—
Dutch DP World Investments is part of the DP World Group, a global shipping terminal operator in the United Arab Emirates, aiming to acquire the Danish company Unifeed, a portfolio company of Nordic Capital, a private equity company in Jersey (notified Oct.
26/deadline December. 04)—
Norwegian Equinor oil refining company acquired Danske commodification, a Danish energy trading company (notified Oct.
31/deadline December 7/simplified)—
Knauf International, a German construction materials company, acquired the modular ceiling business of EMEA and Armstrong World Industries in the Asia-Pacific region (notified Oct.
The deadline was extended to December. 7 from Nov.
23 after submitting commitments)—
French tire manufacturer and distributor Michelin acquired exclusive control of Canadian Tire and track manufacturer and distributor Camso Inc.
And its subsidiaries (notified Nov. 5/deadline Dec. 10)—
Insurance provider Generali CEE, a subsidiary of Assicurazioni Generali, acquired direct and sole control over insurance and asset management companies in Slovakia and Croatia, Adriaticnotified Nov. 5/deadline Dec. 10)—U. S.
Battery power holding company\'s battery and portable lighting business under the brand of spectrum (notified Oct.
The deadline was extended to December. 11 from Nov.
27 after submission of commitment)—
The merger of the chemical company Guige chemical company and India Haiden International Group (notified Oct.
19/The deadline was extended from November. 27 to Dec.
Discount provided on 11/3 month 2)—
Vodafone, a UK mobile phone provider, buys the United StatesS.
Telecom Operations in Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Romania (notified Oct.
19/deadline November.
The deadline was extended to December.
After the German cartel office requested a partial review)—
German chemical company basf se and Solenis combine their paper and water chemical business, then BASF will have a 49% stake and the rest will be owned by US companyS.
Clayton, private equity firm, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R)(notified Nov. 6/deadline Dec. 11)—
As part of the British group, copper company KME acquired German counterparts MKM Mansfelder Kupfer and messaging GmbH (
Notice June 4/deadline December. 13)—
Chinese electronics maker Haier Group buys Italian home appliance maker candyp. A. (notified Nov. 8/deadline Dec. 13)—
Portugal Central Emergency Response Fund hotel, Unipessoal, Lda.
Controlled by Carlyle European real estate fund, acquired indirect ownership of the Portuguese panhalonga resort managed by the US investment bankS.
International management company of luxury hotel chain by Marriott International (notified Nov. 8/deadline Dec. 13/simplified)—U. S.
Transmission Systems, seals and heat-global supplier
Managing product Dana inincorporated acquired drive systems business from Oerlikon by acquiring GrazianoFairfield AG, a gear, drive and shift solution provider for mobile and industrial equipment (notified Nov. 9/deadline Dec. 14/simplified)—
The European energy group held a meeting to obtain renewable energy from NIS Energowind, the holder of the wind farm project jointly controlled by Serbia, and the current shareholder, the neighboring area, NIS, a subsidiary of Serbian Oil and Energy Corporation (notified Nov. 9/deadline Dec. 14/simplified)—
Experts from Covanta Holdings and green infrastructure Green Investment Group Limited acquire wholly owned shares
Brockwell Energy Limited, a subsidiary of Earls Gate Energy Limited in Scotland, through jointly controlled investment instruments (notified Nov. 9/deadline Dec. 14/simplified)—
Japanese consumer electronics company Sharp acquired Skytec UMC Co. , Ltd. , a TV manufacturer and distributor (notified Nov.
Deadline December. 17/simplified)—
ENGIE, Bank of agricultural credit, and Omnes Capital\'s forecast dialogue, obtained joint control of several wind farms owned by ENGIE Green France SAS and ENGIE Green Holding SAS through FEIH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ENGIE (notified Nov.
Deadline December. 18/simplified)—
German energy company
Through its subsidiary E.
In driving infrastructure, Finnish energy company Helen oay will gain joint control of Finnish e-commerce
Liikenneth a Oy, a mobile software company (notified Nov.
Deadline December. 18/simplified)—
Canadian holding company ferfax Financial Holding Co. , Ltd. acquired the sole control of insurance dealers in Greece and Romania, a European life ERB insurance group holding company (notified Nov.
Deadline December. 18/simplified)—
Santander Consumer Bank and Hyundai Capital Services set up a joint venture to provide loans and leases for cars (notified Nov.
14/deadline December. 19/simplified)—U. S.
Carlyle Group acquired US asset managementS.
Apollo airlines Holdings Limited, aviation investment managernotified Nov.
15/deadline December. 20/simplified)—
Packaging companies Amcor Limited, Arctic Jersey Limited, Arctic Corporation and Bemis, Amcor and Bemis merge into new holding companies through Bemis, Amcor and Bemis (notified Nov.
15/deadline December. 20)—
Fund cp vii, managed by Carlyle, a global alternative asset management firm, acquired risk management service provider Sedgwick (notified Nov.
16/deadline December. 21)—
Cerberus Group, a New York private investment company, acquired Marke creative goods, a British creative brand marketing solution (notified Nov.
16/deadline December. 21/simplified)—
Investment manager CVC Capital Partners and financial company Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group acquired Ngern Lor ltd, a title loan provider for the underserved portion of the Consumer Bank of Thailand, and its direct and indirect subsidiaries (notified Nov.
16/deadline December. 21/simplified)—
French energy company Engie will work with utility company Renewables renewable energy and energy company Repsol Nuevas Energias (notified Nov.
16/deadline December. 21/simplified)—
Investment company BC European capital X acquisition of southeast European Union group of telecom and media providers (notified Nov.
16/deadline December. 21)—
CapMan group, Nordic investment and asset management, and NH-Korea Asset Management-
Amundi Asset Management will acquire a 50% stake in the Swedish onshore wind farm from a single controller Green Investment Group Limited (notified Nov.
16/deadline December. 21/simplified)—
Japanese carmaker Toyota Motor Co. , Ltd. and Monet Technology Co. , Ltd. , which are jointly controlled by Japan SoftBank, have set up a Japanese software platform Joint Venture (notified Nov.
19/deadline January. 3/simplified)—
The joint control of the subsidiary of Japan Steel Trading Corporation Mitsubishi metals 1 and trade investment corporation Sumitomo Corporation to acquire metal 1 Pipe Company
Subsidiary of metal 1 (notified Nov.
19/death January. 3/simplified)—U. S.
Coca-Cola soft drinks company
Coca-Cola acquired Costa, a coffee chain (notified Nov.
20/deadline January. 4)—
MinebeaMitsumi, a Japanese industrial company, has won a U-shaped Japanese counterpartShin (notified Nov.
22/deadline January. 8/simplified)—
French aerospace and defense group Thales acquired Franco-
Gemalto, Dutch chip manufacturer (
Notice June 18/deadline January. 8)—
Autolaunch has established a joint venture with Beijing Electric Vehicle Co. , Ltd. , a subsidiary of Beijing Automobile Group (notified Nov.
Deadline for January. 9/simplified)—
China Re Group acquired American insurance company ChaucerS.
Hannover Insurance Group (notified Nov.
Deadline for January. 9/simplified)—
OYAK, a Turkish pension fund, acquired Cimpor, a Portuguese cement producer (notified Nov.
26/deadline January. 10/simplified)—
Diar real estate investment, QatarP. S. C.
Subsidiary of Qatar Investment Authority, will acquire joint control over existing UK real estate enterprises together with DV4 Limited, Oxford Jersey Holdings Limited and sticting Depositary APG strategic real estate poolnotified Nov.
26/deadline January. 10/simplified)—
Apollo Management, private investment manager, Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited, Bermuda insurance company (notified Nov.
26/deadline January. 10/simplified)—
Japanese trading company Sumitomo Corporation launched in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan
A functional joint venture that provides financing for vehicles (notified Nov.
27/deadline January. 11/simplified)—
Japanese trading company Sumitomo Corporation launched in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan
Functional joint venture for KINTO Corp to provide mobile services (notified Nov.
27/deadline January. 11/simplified)—
German beverage manufacturers and distributors
Autodesk finance, August-
GmbH acquired 49% stake in German catering group
Food & Beverage Services Limited, subsidiary of Deutschland trans & Co(notified Nov.
27/deadline January. 11/simplified)—
MML Capital Partner Fund vi gp Ltd. acquisition of Macquarie European Investment Holdings Ltd. Australia fund management (notified Nov.
Deadline for January. 15/simplified)—
A6 investment 9 TF, on behalf of Astorg Asset Management and Montagu Private Equity Limited, to acquire joint control of nemella Capital, manufacturer of plastic drug delivery systems, and its subsidiaries (notified Nov.
Deadline for January. 15/simplified)—
Dutch operators of French logistics services company bolllore African logistics and container terminal APM Terminal BV acquire the Ivory Coast container terminal construction company Ivory Coast terminal (notified Nov.
Deadline for January. 15/simplified)—
BASF, Germany, acquired the global polyamide business of Solvay, a Belgian chemical company (
Notice May 22/deadline January.
A parade was held on October. 15)—
Siemens merged railway business with Alstom (
Notice June 8/deadline January. 28)—-
Tissenk rup, Germany, and Tata Steel, India to set up a steel joint venture (notified Sept.
25/after the company has requested more time, the deadline will be extended from March 26 to March 19)—
Nidec, an electronics and motor manufacturing company, acquired exclusive control of the United StatesS.
Embraco, a compressor subsidiary of Whirlpool group (notified Oct.
8/The deadline was extended from April 15 to November.
The European Commission announced on the 28 th
Deep investigation)—
Iron and Steel Company Aperam will acquire Dutch material producer from nickel and nickel alloy VDM metal holdings (notified Oct.
23/The deadline was extended from April 16 to November.
European Commission in the European Commission
Deep investigation)
The European Commission has 25 working days after submitting the first agreementstage review.
It may extend this period by 10 working days to 35 working days to consider the remedy proposed by the company or the request of the EU Member States to deal with the case.
Most of the mergers are approved, but the commission occasionally opens a detailed second
A phase survey with a maximum of 90 working days may be extended to 105 working days.
Under the simplified procedure, the Commission announced the approval of the non-contentious procedure in the first place
Do a phase merge without giving any reason.
Cases may be reclassified as non-simplified -
That is, ordinary first. stage reviews -
Until they are approved. (
Daphne Psaledakis as described in this report)
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