engineer didn\'t check for right materials on stage that collapsed, inquest hears

by:Marslite     2019-09-21
An engineer approved the stage plan for the collapse before the Toronto radiowhead concert, but he did not check whether the appropriate materials were used to support the roof because he trusted the contractor and listened to the coroner\'s inquiry on Friday.
Dominic quagliari testified in an investigation into the death of Scott Johnson, a drum technician whose performance is scheduled to start a few hours before June 16, 2012 due to structure
Cugliari said he visited the venue where the stage was being built two days before the show, but did not double-check a key part of the roof to make sure it matched the plan.
He said he looked up at the pickup truss on the floor of the stage and thought they were the right size.
In fact, four pickups-
Metal structure carrying the weight of the roof grid-
It\'s thinner than the plan requires, he says, meaning they can\'t handle the load applied to them.
\"I can\'t tell the two --
Inch and three-
\"A few inches, so I think that\'s right,\" he said . \".
\"I rely on contractors. \"The three-
The inch pickup truss can withstand about 7,700 of weight, he said. But the two-
He says only about 3,600 kg of the inches used.
Cugliari said in the investigation that another of his engineer colleagues visited the site on the day of the exhibition, and the contractor expressed concern that a secondary truss that formed the roof grid appeared to be slightly bent after loading the stage equipment.
He said his colleagues evaluated the bend.
Called deflection
From the ground and think it is within acceptable range.
But, at the inquest of the coroner\'s lawyer, Deanna Exner, Cugliari admitted that it was unlikely that the naked eye could determine this in such a far place.
Contractor Optex Staging and the program\'s promoter Cugliari, Live Nation, the case was charged with the incident under the provincial health and safety law, but the case was suspended due to the length of the trial.
When the presiding judge was appointed to a higher court, the case was put on hold, prompting another judge to declare an invalid trial.
The court finally agreed with the defense that the delay violated the defendant\'s right to a timely trial.
The investigation, which began on Monday, will investigate the death of Johnson, but no responsibility can be assigned.
In the future, jurors may make suggestions to prevent such incidents.
Cugliari was a certified engineer at the time, but later retired, who reviewed and signed plans for the Radiohead phase.
He said the plans were drawn by a designer who worked with Optex more than a week before the show after receiving a concept note from it.
In his testimony on Friday, Cugliari said the plans contained \"very sloppy\" mistakes.
He said that the plans did not elaborate on how to attach the beams to the truss in the roof grid and included \"conceptual drawings\" that should not be submitted to the contractor \".
If the documents were reviewed by another engineer, he said, it may also be possible to find a discrepancy.
Cugliari says he may be complacent about working with Optex, a customer he knows and trusts very well.
\"It\'s easy to miss something like this because you know people put (the stage)up,\" he said.
Cugliari said that in addition to having a second engineer look at any plan, it would also be helpful to have an engineer present throughout the construction process at these stages.
If this happens, \"we will see the key components before they are really promoted,\" he said . \".
\"If I see it (
Pickup truss)
On the ground, it will raise a red flag . . . . . . This is not the right truss.
\"Once the roof is lifted in place, he says, the engineer should also have a way to check it, or build scaffolding stairs on the wings of the structure, either get those trained to climb up the scaffolding and take pictures.
Earlier, an engineer from the Labor Department who helped investigate the collapse, testified that the pickup truss was the \"weakest link\" in the installation \".
Saeed Khoorsand said that the pickup truss was the first component to fail as the roof gave way.
Investigations continued on Monday.
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