emerald city sparkles during the holidays

by:Marslite     2019-10-18
Christmas lights, shopping and Seahawks attract British columnians south of the border. SEATTLE—
It was a cool and sunny Sunday morning in downtown Seattle on December, when the university Navy, the Green Action Team and the Grey Wolf Team burned on the streets.
OK, not your standard holiday color, but in this football crazy city, today is the match day, fans line up on the sidewalk outside the hot brunch point, cafes and ubiquitous coffee shops are trying to cheer up the launch of the nearby Century Link Stadium.
This is not to say that some of them do not conform to the spirit of the festival because of the Christmas hats and festive costumes (
Called \"beans\" here \")
Warm some scalp instead of your garden
A variety of \"hawks\" caps.
Pier 66 and Ferris wheel on the Seattle waterfront.
The faithful display of the 12 colors of Getty Images/PostmediaDespite, without the hidden fact that Christmas shines in the Emerald City, like the December 1 of each year.
The superstar was set on fire at Macy\'s.
The carousel in West Lake Park is spinning.
Every corner of the Pike Market is colorful this season.
Just like Dickens\' Scrooge \"knows how to have a good Christmas\", so is this gem on the banks of Puget Sound. Big U. S.
Seattle is no exception. The city is committed to creating a festive environment.
Although our loonie strike against the dollar is not as big as it was before Christmas, it does not detract from the enthusiasm of Canadians to go south along I5 for some festive revelry.
For families, it means five to go to the center of Seattle.
The week-long festival celebration will end on January.
There are many free activities.
Highlights include winter trains and villages, ice sculptures, student displays and walks with Dickens characters.
Fried the holiday food with skating at Fisher Pavilion.
Of course, the Seattle Center is the starting point for the New Year\'s Eve countdown, holding a large free outdoor party in the shadow of the Space Needle Tower.
Woodland Park Zoo is also immersed in the spirit of the season, the annual wild Lantern Festival lights up the ground, more than 600,000 LED lights spread along the path.
Most of the zoo\'s residents were hidden at night, but night residents, including Mongoose, sloth and fruit bats, did not.
Until every night of December
On the 23rd, Santa Claus will take photos at the scene.
Shopping is always the top priority of B. C.
Tourists at this time of year
Okay, any time of year.
Pine Street is the only one for you.
Stop shopping.
Classic America. S.
Department stores like Nordstrom and Macy\'s;
There is a West Lake Center and an outdoor Christmas celebration;
There are also a variety of brand flagship stores.
For more unique gift ideas, visit Bell town and its various small shops and boutiques (
Mud Bay is a place for dogs on your list).
Finally, return to the Seahawks.
For the ultimate gift for fans on your list, pick up some tickets for December.
31 against the opponent Arizona at home.
Even if you can\'t get into the stadium, this trip is worth it, as every bar, bar and restaurant in the heart of the city center will listen at 1: 25. m. kickoff.
In another year in the Pacific Northwest, this is a great way.
If you go to the open kitchen and huge Wood
In the hotel, the burning grill provides warmth and food in the Pacific Northwest
Open a bike restaurant in downtown Seattle.
There is a table in the newest restaurant in downtown Seattle.
Just a few weeks ago, Rider opened its door, which is already the subject of this gourmet town.
Located on the street floor of the Theodore Hotel, in the heart of Pine Street, 90-seat, open-
The kitchen layout celebrates Northwest cuisine under the watchful eye of chef David Nichols, who has worked in New York City with celebrity chef Mark Murphy for years.
The rider\'s focus is big wood-
Each menu item is touched to some extent, says Nicholas.
Taste alone is worth the price of tickets. Riderseattle. comgallery-
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The Php */Thompson Seattle Hotel is located in the city center and is the perfect base for exploring the city center during the holidays.
The bird\'s nest at the top of Thompson can enjoy the stunning views of get Bay and will host a swing New Year\'s Eve party. Floor-to-
The ceiling windows of all rooms and suites in Thompson make the most of the beachfront location of the boutique hotel.
Check in and view the views of the Thompson Hotel.
This luxury boutique hotel is also a new hotel in the city center, taking full advantage of the location of Pike Place Market and Puget Sound entrance.
Each room and suite has a floor-to-
Windows on the ceiling, jewelry on the \"bar and outdoor living room\" at the top, this is a nest.
Nest is a popular destination for nightclub locals. it will host a game by DJ Neil Armstrong (Jay-
Former world tour DJ)
And combine the party with the overnight stay package. Thompsonhotel. comgallery-
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Php */RockCreek in the Freemont community in Seattle, with caramel apple and ricotta bei, make a sweet start to your holiday brunch.
Comfortable RockCreek seafood and spirits.
Eat and be happy at one of these great brunch stops.
The Scout PNW at the Thompson Hotel is a great place for holiday shopping and sightseeing, its location and, more importantly, its menu.
Start with avocado toast, Dungeness Benedict on tuck, and drink it with cold juiced juice.
For an equally delicious brunch, just a few minutes north of the city center, near hipster Freemont, with a table at Rock Creek.
\"Fresh\" and \"seafood\" are the buzzwords of this comfortable and friendly place, and the choice of brunch is as unique as the decoration of \"fishing Inn.
When you\'re thinking about a eclectic main course, order the caramel apple and ricotta bei-
From bacon and oyster Benedict to smoked Rockfish po\' boy
If you have time, eat some oysters and a bottle of Columbia Canyon White on half shell.
Hey, it\'s time for the holiday, remember? scoutpnw.
Com and Seattle rock.
The Fairmont Olympic Hotel lobby in downtown Seattle hosts an annual Christmas tree exhibition and teddy bear suites.
What to put at Fairmont Hotel/postmedia-and keep—
Holiday spirit in Emerald City: Sheraton Seattle gingerbread village 25. To Jan.
The annual holiday carousel in West Lake Park. To Jan.
The Pacific Northwest Ballet performs The Nutcracker at the McCaw Hall. To Dec.
Seattle mall. To Dec.
The ice rink at Fisher Center Seattle. To Jan.
Diving Santa at the Seattle Aquarium. To Dec.
Teddy bear suites at Fairmont Olympic Hotel. To Dec.
26 wild lights at Woodland Park Zoo. To Jan.
The Seattle men\'s choir performed a fashionable festival at benaloa Hall. To Dec.
The Seattle Center Armory held 23 New Year\'s Eve celebrations. Dec. 31.
Polar bear diving in Matthews Beach Park. Jan.
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