elvis presley\'s guitar and michael jackson\'s outfits up for auction

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In addition, one of the original whip used by Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusader was snapped up.
Star Wars fans can get an original storm cavalry helmet from the 1983 hit movie \"The return of Jerdie.
Martin D of Elvis Presley
In December 1976, the King played a guitar during a performance at the Hilton Hotel Las Vegas.
Elvis, who died eight months later, handed the instrument to his bodyguard Sam Thompson in January 1977.
The back of the guitar is some plastic residue, and the belt on the Elvis jumpsuit melted due to the heating of the stage lights.
The Elvis farm sells for 4.
1m Elvis Presley\'s hair is auctioned off by Elvis Presley\'s grandson for filming Michael Jackson\'s film, which is a controversial tribute to the comedy that it will preview in the 15 cities of Michael Jackson, Bo\' Selecta star admits, the guitar is described as \"one of the most important guitars of all time\" and is expected to sell for up to £ 50,000.
The young pop stars and his brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Malone wore colorful Michael Jackson costumes during the \"Jackson 5 years\" days.
Including a yellow tie.
13-year-old Michael wore a dyed shirt while singing \"I\'ll Be There\" in the first episode of Diana Rose\'s own TV show in 1971.
The shirt, which includes Tito and Marlon, is expected to cost £ 12,000.
The most expensive piece of Jackson\'s costume is the Red V-
Michael wore a collar jumper with red rhinestones at 1981 American Music Awards.
Michael wore the jumper on the top of the white silk tuxedo collar and black bow tie as he accepted two awards for his first solo album, Wall Street.
The plot also features a white fedora hat with a gold-colored \"Michael Jackson\" in it, which is expected to cost up to £ 36,000.
The profile in the historical auction also includes some amazing items on the silver screen, including the bullwhip and the stormtrooper helmet.
When they are under the hammer, both are expected to earn up to £ 30,000.
Action movie fans can pick from the outfits Mel Gibson wears in Warriors or Russell Croy in Gladiator.
The price of William Wallace\'s coat should be around 6,000, while the Australian star Croo\'s clothing may be as high as 21,000 pounds.
The other outfit is Mike Myers\'s \"groov\" purple and red set in 2002 Gold Member movies.
The suit is expected to sell for £ 4,000, while the evil Dr costume from \"beating my spy\" should sell for £ 5,000 pounds.
Fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger can bid on two screens
Used a lot from the Terminator movie.
A leather garment, including jacket and trousers, can sell for £ 37,000, while a set of mechanical eyes for Terminator 2: trial day should sell for £ 7,000.
The biggest items for sale are 16ft 10ins high, screen-
Second hand Hornet robot from 2007 movie Transformers.
The giant robot, weighing nearly 1,500 kg, was used in the scene where Megan Fox and Shi\'ite LaBouf first met the Autobots.
The price is expected to be as high as 50,000.
Fox and LaBeouf and original Chevrolet Camaro transformed into Bumblebee also offer a range of outfits.
The price of these outfits should be between 180 and 3,000, while the price of yellow cars can be as high as 10,000.
Jim Kelly\'s mask in the 1994 film mask is expected to be sold for £ 3,600 pounds.
One of the unusual projects is the original screen ET puppet used in British telecom business, not in popular movies.
The puppet, made of steel, aluminum and resin, has a shell of silicon and is expected to sell for about £ 18,000 pounds.
Joe Maddalena, 48, president of historical auction house, said: \"This auction showcases 1,200 unique works in Hollywood history, from the silent age to modern science fiction
Everything between sci-fi classics and both.
\"We are pleased to provide you with a series of amazing works by Michael Jackson, including his signature stage --
He has been dressed since his career in his early 70 s.
\"With the arrival of the King of Pop, we have the king of rock, and Elvis Presley\'s personal guitar was used on stage in his last Las Vegas show.
\"We have the Raiders of Star Wars, Lost Ark, and Ghost and death squads, and the incredible items in the Transformers movie. \" The two-
On October 8, Calabassas Mountain, near Los Angeles, began its auction.
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