eligible men are a dying breed in chemical capital

by:Marslite     2019-08-31
Disco lights flashing, mirror-
The room was full of rolling balls and cheesy Russian folk songs, but there was still something missing from the party: man.
In the middle of about 30.
Only three of the elderly club members who stumbled awkwardly on the dance floor were men.
For the women of zeinsk
The Soviet city that made chemical weapons-
More evidence of their tragic situation was provided at night.
Located 240 miles east of Moscow, Dzerzhinsk is the world\'s most chemical-rich city.
The polluted city is listed in the Guinness World Record.
The number of marriageable men is soon running out.
Today, the city is still discharging deadly chemicals, including cyanide, from about 10 factories that employ the city\'s third resident.
The average life expectancy of many local men working in factories has dropped to 42.
\"This year, the death rate is nearly three times higher than the birth rate,\" said Dr. Gracha Muradian, director of the city\'s maternity clinic.
Women in the city are now forced to look for husbands on their own initiative.
The disco that attracted the three precious men was not held in nightclubs, but in the basement of the city\'s pollution monitoring center.
It is organized by female employees who want to pack bags for men.
A female scientist lamented: \"There is no man in this city . \" She stared at the dance floor, a bearded man spinning in a cardigan surrounded by six female colleagues.
Some people look for love online and post their photos online.
Architect Olga is one of the 10 women in Dzerzhinsk who advertise potential Russian brides on a website.
According to her online profile, she has dark skin and is fluent in English.
She turned out to be red.
Her hair was white and she could not speak English, but after her husband\'s death she was eager to remarry.
Like many others, he died of cancer in his 40 s.
\"Most men are looking for girls under the age of 10,\" she lamented . \".
\"I am not suitable for both categories.
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