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by:Marslite     2019-09-15
Although there are many similarities between Shakespeare\'s theater and today\'s theater, there are also great differences.
Nowadays, the audience is used to sitting in a big dark room and watching the drama in silence.
In the late 16 th century and early 17 th century theaters, theater often performs during the day in spaces open to elements.
Most viewers stand up, positive or negative, and do not hesitate to express their feelings.
The modern reconstruction of Shakespeare\'s Globe theater, London, the original Globe theater.
How different was Shakespeare\'s play then and now?
The biggest difference we may notice is how the drama is staged.
The performance of a play is part of the entire creative process, including the choice of the design and supporting elements of a play, namely: Lightingor properties)
In Shakespeare\'s time, drama is usually played during the day.
Some indoor theaters use candlelight.
As far as we know, there is no electricity, so there is no stage lighting.
Nowadays, with advanced computer technology and variable lighting, games are usually played internally.
In Macbeth, many scenes take place in a dimly lit room at night or inside the castle.
Other scenes were outside in bad weather.
Key events where lights help create an atmosphere: The Witch\'s debut;
King Duncan was killed.
Mrs. Macbeth Sleepwalking
In Shakespeare\'s time, people used basic \"live\" sound effects, such as machines that made thunder.
Live musicians play music and effects.
Digital recording is now used and can be operated through a computer.
In Macbeth, noise is an important element and is often used as an impact value-just as the owl screamed when Duncan was murdered.
The Voice may help create a key event in the atmosphere: the knock on the door heard by mcby after Duncan was murdered;
The Thunder in the witch scene;
The last battle.
In the era of Shakespeare, the effect is limited at best.
They are much more complicated now.
In Macbeth, there are many opportunities to use effects because the play is full of ghosts and souls and involves supernatural phenomena.
Key events that can use the effect: daggers in macwhite\'s field of vision, Bongo ghosts at banquets, Phantom of witches.
Actors tend to wear the clothes of the current period without trying to achieve historical accuracy.
Now, according to the director\'s vision, there are a variety of clothing to choose from and use.
Traditional Scottish costumes are possible in Macbeth, but obviously.
People often wear military uniforms.
The clothing chosen depends entirely on what the director thinks of the show. .
Key Note: what clothes will witches wear? ;
How will the audience distinguish between McLean and Malcolm\'s supporters? ;
Possible use of symbolic colors.
At that time, the scenery was rarely used.
The location is mainly displayed by the use of props: for example, representing the throne of the King\'s Castle.
Now, with the use of video projection more and more, the scenery can still be simple but spectacular.
In Macbeth, it depends on the director\'s vision.
The show should be staged mainly in Scotland, covering a variety of locations-heath land, Castle Room, woodland and battlefield, to name just a few.
Key precautions: move the position without long scene changes, showing the difference between the internal and external scenes;
How will Birnam Wood \"move\" to Dunsinane?
In many plays, such as swords, there may be limited options for objects that are easy to move and easy to store.
Now, props will be historically accurate and can be created more easily if not readily available.
Important props: the crown of Duncan and Macbeth, the bloody dagger used in murder, the spell composition of the witch.
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