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by:Marslite     2019-09-12
Lights, levels, and space stage lights have a variety of functions, such as: indicating the time or place used in an abstract or symbolic way to convey the message, used to guide the viewer to focus on a specific character or action part, creating emotions and atmosphere to enhance the drama and the audience is of course important to see the performers in my experience.
Lighting is a very technical field, it is important to understand what different lights will do, because the effects of each light are different.
It is also important to hang the angle of the light, as this may affect the production of any shadow.
For more information about using different types of lighting and lighting designer roles, check out theater design.
LevelsCredit: David cooper uses different heights or levels on stage to create visual interest.
It also helps ensure that the audience sees all the moves.
Levels can be used to suggest status-
Meaning the power or authority of a character over another character.
It is important to consider what the purpose of the level is when setting up the scene on the stage.
You can also use levels to suggest different locations.
For example, the rising platform can act as an indoor room, while the ground in front represents the street.
The space for actors to perform is called a stage.
Sometimes it\'s a traditional platform, but it\'s not always the same.
It may be on the same level as the audience, or even just a corner of the lobby or room.
The type of stage chosen will affect the relationship between the actor and the audience and will have a significant impact on a play.
For more information about the different types of stages you can use, please see the usage space.
The way space is used is important, and the space between characters on stage often expresses their relationships and emotions.
This is the so-called agent.
The way actors use space is important.
Some places on the stage are stronger and more effective than others to attract attention.
Actors and directors must take this into account when planning space use.
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