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drama from the floor up

by:Marslite     2019-09-21
You will look forward to the resume of boffo by Kodak theater architect David Rockwell.
After all, Oscar\'s expected home in Hollywood and Highland is likely to be watched by hundreds of millions of people around the world when ABC aired 74 Oscars of the year in next March.
So you want the person in charge to get a degree from the famous architecture school, and Rockwell has (
Syracuse University, New York).
You will think that he will have a bunch of famous clients ready to applaud him and Rockwell will do the same (
Sony, Disney, Radio City Concert Hall).
What you might not think of is someone who has credit in the Rocky Horror Show poster. But he does.
Rockwell worked as a set designer last year on the 25 th anniversary of Broadway\'s rocky horror revival, \"his talent for rendering space on the big stage may prove to be the New York architect\'s most important contribution to Kodak.
Architecture as an event?
Rockwell\'s done.
\"My interest in drama started when I was a child,\" said Rockwell, 45 . \".
\"My mother is a dancer.
Do you know the Ted Lewis song \"Me and My Shadow?
She is the shadow.
She directed the community theater as she grew older.
I\'m the youngest of the five kids, we\'re all on her show, or you\'re on stage --
It\'s the first time I \'ve learned about being able to design an environment about celebration.
\"I think the theater is a magical place,\" he continued . \"
\"So I brought this method to the building.
\"In November, Los Angeles audiences will have the opportunity to visit the Kodak venue, which is located in the New Hollywood and Highland complex, for the first time.
12, at the Ovation Awards ceremony at the Los Angeles theater, followed by the \"Bear in the Big Blue House\", started fourday run on Nov. 15.
Next is the Nutcracker, the American Ballet Theater, which opened on December. 14.
The tour of \"all Monti\" began in April 6. (
At the press conference, Bruce Davis, executive director of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, predicted that Kodak would have a \"over 50%\" chance to broadcast on television before solving the problem for a long time.
With TrizecHahn\'s long-term security concerns, TrizecHahn is the developer of Kodak\'s Hollywood and Highland complex. )
But on the last sultry afternoon, no one saw the singing of the bear and tutus.
Only dust and scaffolding, as well as the bones of a dark dome theater, hobbled towards completion.
Rockwell was a little tired after taking off from New York in the morning and he put his briefcase on the second floor on the third floor --
Level theater and point to balcony.
He\'s not really looking at hardware.
He is imagining people.
\"You can imagine if you squinted. . .
All of the cherry wood products on the balcony and the lights on the aisle are surrounded by cast glass and reflected light, which will make people look great.
\"Creating spaces that make people look great is not in the syllabus of Syracuse, where Rockwell learns the principles of lean, clean design.
\"It\'s a good background for me to receive a strong modernist education, because if you remove the surface, what you have in such a project is a series of carefully considered spaces.
\"But Kodak\'s luxury decoration boom has nothing to do with minimalist understatement, and nothing to do with creating a literal glow.
The curtains will be made from two rainbow-colored fabrics, Rockwell said.
A fine bronze mesh extends to the top of the stage to provide a sparkling frame for the stage.
Rockwell said, \"I don\'t think taking a generous approach to materials that feel wonderful and create pleasure is a disparaging of its more spatial parts.
\"A few years after graduating from Syracuse in 1979, Rockwell set off a striking neon in the New York design world --
He creates a bright environment for a chic restaurant called Sushi in New York. Zen.
\"They have a crazy hysterical sushi chef who will chase people around with a knife,\" Rockwell recalls . \" He obviously likes it.
\"The restaurant is interesting to work with chefs who have these very strong points of view, which is much more interesting for me than the particular style I bring to each project.
\"In 1984, the architect set up his own company, Rockwell Group, which has been specialized in restaurant and hotel commissions for many years, including central station restaurants and W hotels, all in New York
He said: \"I was not particularly interested in restaurants at the time, but I became very enthusiastic about the merger of theaters and public spaces.
These are good places to experiment and cooperate.
\"When Rockwell finished building a permanent residence for Cirque du Soleil in Orlando, Florida.
He proved himself very quickly. on-his-
Team spirit.
This is a good thing because Kodak\'sdivas-
The design process allowed includes a lot of meetings, a lot of \"input\" and a lot of cooperation.
Rockwell said, \"creating theater spaces for Cirque du Soleil is actually more spontaneous and collaborative, and I kind of like their creative process.
So I found that the need for multiple projects here is dynamic, not the pain in the neck.
It\'s really a process for me.
This is a good thing.
Because when Rockwell joined four years ago, San Diego\'s TrizecHahn
Developers of Hollywood and Highland projects have identified some key parameters.
Above all: the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will control the technical specifications of the theater.
Bill Conte, who has long served as an Oscar conductor, told Rockwell Orchestra what the hole should look like.
A floor plan was laid with masking tape specifying where each of the 77 musicians should be placed. Ten-
Time Oscar producer Jill Keates has been shuttling between the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Shrine Auditorium for many years to oversee the Oscar TV broadcast, but will not be a producer next year, and he has raised the weight
Production needs such as floor and fire protection regulations.
\"It\'s a complicated thing.
\"Being able to say \'Hey, look, part of the problem is the elephant door\', that\'s great,\" says Katz, referring to the oversized back-office entrance that serves as the entrance to the loading of scenery and props.
Rockwell did more homework and attended three Oscars, and he witnessed the technical needs of the broadcast.
He then designed what he called the \"heart and soul\" of the theater: the media cockpit in the center of the first floor, which can be connected to the lower floor by hydraulic lifting
Advanced technical area and dressing room.
\"There are a lot of aesthetic and functional issues with how to get this theater to do what it needs to do, it\'s a great live theater facility and a media live facility, it is also a facility that most people will see on TV.
\"This is the only theater I can think of looking back [from the perspective of a camera on stage]
To the audience
It\'s an important part of the design process, \"Rockwell said.
\"We want to create an iconic space for people to see.
Rockwell said: \"pointing to the straps that support the opera box and the arch,\" Did I mention that these ribs are also a cable from one side of the theater to the other?
\"Kodak\'s highest achievement is likely to be the literal crown of the theater Rockwell calls the crown.
The center of the ceiling is a slender oval, interwoven with several smaller oval shapes, all painted with silver leaves.
The headdress was constructed in accordance with the floor pattern of the outdoor courtyard of the three ancient buildings that Rockwell saw in Rome.
That\'s with Busby Berkeley.
The architect said he wanted to imitate any time in the past.
The famous dance sequence in Berkeley shows the expansion of form.
But the headwear also has practical purposes.
\"The oval ring you see is obviously a decoration, but it\'s also a big front --of-
Lighting location of house.
There are too many theaters you go to, and when you see a show there, they have to install a large lighting truss in front to light.
This is one of the things that we can incorporate into the country --of-the-
Design of art theater technology.
\"David has the drama he brought.
\"He also has good judgment,\" said Lee Wagman, president of TrizecHahn . \".
\"David knows when to say \'OK, we can change it like this,\' but he also knows when to say \'no, you shouldn\'t change that.
For example, he refused at any time to consider anything that would affect the headdress.
\"This is a truly decisive factor in this space,\" he said . \"
\"While Rockwell serves the Academy in terms of making specifications, he has a complete grasp of the aesthetics of the theater.
Before realizing his vision for Kodak, he was at 3,000-
The seats were not impressed.
\"There is a whole type of theater built into multiple types.
\"These houses seem to create the same boring space for every use they fit into,\" he said . \".
\"I know we don\'t want to do this, so we left a wide fan --
Horizontal planning of the shape of vertical and more intimate things.
\"We carve out the space so that people can build as close a relationship with the stage as possible.
We do this by pushing the balcony forward as much as possible.
Rockwell sought inspiration from the European opera house.
He made a \"pilgrimage\" to Campo, a public space in the ancient Roman period of Siena, Italy.
He absorbed the prosperity of the 1908 art nouveau movement Palau de la Musica, created by Luis domenek Montana in Barcelona, which included a dramatic entrance,
Among the oldest venues in the United States, Louis Sullivan\'s Auditorium Theater in Chicago has inspired Rockwell with its beautiful stage.
Rockwell also obtained clues from Radio City concert hall and Broadway\'s New Amsterdam Theater (the birthplace of The Lion King) as part of the reconstruction of Manhattan\'s 42 th Street/Times Square, he helped renovate the buildings.
Rockwell draws on more personal inspiration sources and configures three connections-level lobby.
Rockwell pointed to the glittering wall and said, \"these are thousands of glass beads attached to the wall with retro reflective paint, so their light gain is very high, so when you see the lights there, they will be very shiny.
When I was a child, I thought the movie screen was made of small glass beads.
They are actually made of very fine grinding glass.
But it\'s an attempt to create a material filled with film screen fantasies.
\"Rockwell revels in the old Hollywood Society near his new theater: The Roosevelt Hotel across the street, where the first Oscar was held in 1929;
El Capitan Theatre, pantage Theatre and Chinese Theatre.
Even cheap souvenir shops and pizza shops have their own locations, he said.
\"I think the thing about the project getting interesting is the collision and the edge, so I think the edge between what\'s already here and what\'s new is really fascinating.
Hopefully this quirky level and level of Hollywood development will continue to be developed and infiltrated around this project.
Rockwell said: \"When we got involved, the decision to go to the theater was largely certain.
\"The theater building will not be on the side of the road, but is hidden in the complex of Hollywood and Highland.
\"We think it makes more sense to celebrate this kind of parade than to think it\'s a damage,\" he continued . \".
So we decided to take advantage of this location, a lemon, Lemonade.
\"Rockwell solution: by 40-
Attract visitors to the glass curtains of the integrated building arrival area.
This is an old show in Rockwell. biz tradition.
Marcus Loff invented the idea of \"performing from the sidewalk.
Rockwell said.
\"The movie palace of the golden age of the 20 th century is these amazing places, so we are interested in this view.
\"If you think of a great theater space ---
For example, if you think of the Paris Opera House-
The memory is as much as the direction of the theater: Parades, stairs, halls, opportunities to meet, the common enthusiasm of those who appear.
This is to some extent our inspiration.
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