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drama classes - a quality lesson plan for drama warm ups

by:Marslite     2019-09-12
The center includes: Lesson Plan basis and goal evaluation teacher\'s role teaching activity link basic lesson plan is a key working document for any teacher and should be easy to understand.
One of the basic rules to remember when writing lesson plans is to say to yourself --
If I have to take sick leave this morning, can one of my colleagues follow my lesson plans?
If the answer is-
I don\'t think so because it\'s clunky and messy --
You should then reconsider the format of your lesson plans and simplify the content.
This is important because of a well written lesson plan: clearly show what your students are currently learning.
Clear and clear, and gradually promote management methods.
Help you focus on your achievements and results and continue your course.
Enables you to provide the right time for each event.
Your drama course plan should always be with you and, if possible, be safe in the teaching file.
This file should contain all the files you need to teach and there is a spare table later.
Some teachers keep their lesson plans on laptops or computers, but it\'s better to have a paper version as a backup just in case.
All information related to your course should be in your course plan.
Subject: drama room/Venue: drama HallDate, time, duration: Two o\'clock P. M. -March 12, 2015-2.
55 in the afternoon and 55 in the afternoon
Number of students: number of students in grade 12: you should be clear about your leading edge.
Prepare for each step of the group and keep it simple.
Use pictures or cards to help your students understand what is expected of them in the course.
Remind them of their goals and how to achieve good results.
5 minutes of enthusiastic guidance can inspire your students and prepare them for their study.
Is your goal and purpose realistic to the group you bring? Aims -
These are about the overall intention. Objectives -
These are more specific and precise.
Your next step is to break down your goals into feasible learning activities for each student.
Efforts are made to ensure that these activities are relevant to individual goals.
The goal of personalized learning activities can be tailored specifically for students to help them achieve.
These can be written in lesson plans and embedded next to the photos.
For example, student A follows the lesson plan above: Purpose: follow the teaching objectives: conduct group learning activities separately: Learn 4 emotional gestures and use the propsAs teacher, before proceeding with the next goal, you have to make an achievement schedule for Student.
This will be determined by the course restrictions and the general nature of the course you are studying.
Learning activities the student will: Select a written warm-up from the list and write it on the whiteboard (5 mins)
Set the selected activity using props/Resources (5 mins)
Help the leading group by warming up (10 -15 mins)
Develop roles according to the storyline (10 -15 mins)
Focus on specific personal goals (10 -15 mins)
Narrative Script/text when others are dramatic (10 mins)
Give feedback in the discussion (5 -10 mins)
Your teaching activities are listed below, but there is no specific order.
For example, you may have a new class that must give priority to presentations and an overview of ideas.
There should still be specific goals for individuals, but after a lesson or two you may have to adjust them.
The teacher will: outline the idea.
Demonstration if necessary.
Convenience group (after 30 mins).
Set specific goals for individuals.
Assess progress.
Differentiated use.
Evaluation means finding out if your students are learning what they should learn and achieving their personal goals.
These days in class, although these are still important, the assessment is more important than the exam or exam.
Encourage students to participate actively, because this gives students more control over their own destiny.
The methods listed are just some of the ways to evaluate your class.
Observe Q & A feedback and discuss memory memories/test worksheets demo project portfolio resources this is basically a list of objects, props, costumes
Any material you use in class.
All kinds of sports/fitness equipment Books, scripts, texts should be placed in a box of practical equipment.
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