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don’t annoy comedian jeremy hotz — you mightxa0end up in his act

by:Marslite     2019-09-20
Content: where is Jeremy Hoz: McPherson Theater on Saturday, January. 26, 7 p. m. Tickets: $60. 50-$71 from rmts. bc.
Ca, tel: 250-386-
6121, or experience the temperature of Jeremy Hortz stand in person at the Royal McPherson box officeup comedy —
From tone to content-
It is determined by a changing environment.
For Hotz, a Canadian living in Los Angeles, it comes down to what annoys him from vacation to children\'s TV.
His current strengths include, but are not limited to, American action. S.
President Donald Trump
The difference between Hotz and many of his fellow comics is that politics accounts for only a fraction of his behavior.
Despite his anger at AmericaS.
The president can be felt in his various tirades, and Hotz never mentioned his name.
The cartoon says this is his small attempt to weaken the power of the president.
\"The overall feeling of the country and the rest of the world is that everyone has been a little nervous since the man took office, hotz said in an interview in Los Angeles.
\"I\'m nervous, too.
But will I focus on Trump and that crap? No.
I focused on everything he was responsible for and didn\'t mention his name.
I don\'t even admit him.
I hate him so much.
The wonderful tour of Hotz brings Ottawa-
He was born at McPherson Theater on Saturday, his first performance in the city since 2016.
The trip was a big one with 23 appointments between B. C.
There\'s Nova Scotia in the next seven weeks.
This means that laundry is his agenda when he is ready to leave Los Angeles for a tour --
Opening show on Friday night
\"This is a small attempt.
But it only makes me feel worse, and then I\'m more interesting.
Why do you think I played in February?
This is the worst time of the year, Canada is the worst time in Canada --like.
Hotz was filled with insecurities throughout his career, making the most of his ability to keep complaining.
One of his hands is often on one eye.
The style of the stage is unusual;
A squeaky voice and Canadian je ne sais quoi will only add to the plot.
In short, he is like a gentle but equally indignant Lewis Black.
\"As you grow older, you will become happier,\" Hotz said . \".
\"When I was young, I was already a poor old man.
I just grew up.
I\'m better at it now.
\"The Gemini winner, in addition to his national tour, has several projects in progress.
He was unable to provide details of the two shows he sold to Canadian and American networksS.
But he confirmed that he will appear in the second James film, starring Isaiah Washington, Nick Starr and George Wallace, which will be released this summer.
In November, he also recorded two performances at the Algonquin Commons theater in Ottawa, which will be released on DVD during his upcoming performance.
Shackleton, his emotional support dog, helped Hotz solve his extensive anxiety disorder.
Hotz said the assistant appeared in the concert video and will be guest at his tour.
\"He\'s kind of like ham.
He stole my thunder.
I used to be a star. That f--ker.
\"The rise of Netflix allows viewers to have direct access to special programs for various comics.
For example, Sebastian manneskko lived on the comedy tour for years before Netflix brought his performance to the public.
He recently performed four performances at Madison Square Garden in New York, the first comedy ever to do so.
Hotz has yet to see a similar influx of attention.
\"Do I have a greater interest in comedy?
One thing is this.
But you also want to know if it\'s too much.
The market is saturated, which is not good for comedy either.
Of course, this caused a rant from Hotz.
Is he really like this in real life?
Hotz always hears this issue from fans.
Although he played a world-weary role on stage, he admitted that he was angered by society as a whole.
\"When something is upsetting me, I naturally come out loud to express my feelings.
I have done some business in this area.
You can\'t lock me up in real life.
\"But even if these things are useful to me on stage, they kill people, and sometimes in life people treat--
So I have to be careful.
Especially the airport.
The lady who bought the ticket didn\'t find me interesting at all, as you know.
\"Mdevlin @ time colonists.
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