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dmx512 controller enables intelligent building lighting control

by:Marslite     2019-09-05
DMX is the standard for communication between lighting devices and controllers.
DMX 512 is digital (
It sends 1 and 0)
, One-way (
There is only one way, from control to decoding, like moving the head), serial (Send 1 bit (1 or 0)at the time)
Protocol based on RS 485 (now EIA-485)specifications.
The Dmx5 12 controller is the lighting controller with the DMX interface.
There are two types of controllers in the DMX control system.
The first is the main controller that sends out the signal, and the second is the slave controller that receives the signal.
They are connected via a data cable.
The PWM signal will be output from the device to the connected LED light for dimming and color adjustment.
There are 512 channels per DMX system (addresses)
, Which means that a master can connect and control up to 512 slaves.
This depends on the number of addresses occupied by each slave.
The transmission distance between master and slave machines can reach 500 m.
The Dmx5 12 controller is the perfect solution for intelligent building lighting control.
The main controller has different styles.
For complex projects or professional lighting, a keyboard-style DMX console is required.
Stage lighting, nightclub lighting and other functions are complete.
Another style is the dmx usb interface master controller, which is also suitable for complex projects.
Now, the easy-to-use DMX master can be used for home lighting, for example, a touch screen style that enables full touch operation with one finger touch.
The DMX slave also refers to the decoder that receives the signal from the host.
It can be with AC-AC or DC-
DC style for different types of LED lighting.
Depending on the number of PWM channels it is possible that each decoder will take up 1 or more addresses.
Decoder with 1 PWM channel for monochrome LED, suitable for 3 PWM channels for rgb led. The DC-
The DC mode requires power supply.
The Dmx5 12 controller has not only basic on/off and dimming functions, but also functions such as smooth color adjustment, dynamic color change and area control. Enables users to create the multi-functional effects they want and to control different areas separately.
Each R, G, and B channel can be darkened separately, resulting in millions of colors.
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