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dmx-512 led controller with led display

by:Marslite     2019-12-11
I used an old fluorescent black light fixture and used a 12v RGB LED light strip of 21 W (
6 watts per meter)
This controller runs it.
I would like some versatility about the location of the connection so that it can lie on either side or stand up and have access to the input/output and display/buttons of the DMX.
It has two sets of DMX in and out on each side, they are all parallel and nothing special.
Keep in mind that an output board is selected according to the configuration of the LED and any type of LED can be controlled with this controller.
Contact us for help in choosing the output board.
I forgot to take a few photos.
Everyone does different things when refitting or building custom lights, but see how the lights work. -
Complete and test the controller, which will use a 12v input, so the controller will definitely need to install 7805. -
After taking the recycled light apart and taking it out of the old electronics, I tested if the circuit was appropriate and the final octagonal case had enough space. -
Determines where the XLRs goes, the DC power jack, and the button/display PCB. -
The display position I want is not big enough, but I am able to trim the PCB down and make it fit. -
Mark the location to be cut using the data table or the chart in the download. -
Cut the display hole first, and the method is very different. Because the plastic is weak, I used a razor.
Trying to score and snap the last side, it broke more than I wanted. -
Drill out the button hole with a drill of about 5/16 and trim it with a razor so it can install the square button. -
Mark and drill holes for xl rs, using 7/8 bit, the spades can work, but be careful. -
Mark and drill the screws for XLR. -
Clean the area where the LEDs will enter with alcohol. -
Apply some aluminum tape in the clean area, it will reflect the light and release some heat. -
Trim it with a blade. -
Weld the color 22ga wire to all contacts on 3 RGB light strips. -
Applying the 12v rgb led light bar, I made 3 lines, and the 2 lines outside were offset by the inner president.
All the wired ends of the controller are at the end. -
Connect the output board PWR and the controller PWR to the panel mounting bucket Jack. -
Install the XLR jack and screw it in. -
Once I know it fits, I fix it in place with hot glue. -
Place the output plate away from the rest and fix it in place. -
Connect the wires on the RGB light bar to the terminals on the output board. -
The controller is plugged into a place where it can be installed, ensuring that the welding contacts at the bottom or at the top are not likely to come into contact with anything. -Test it. -Cut a 5. 25\" by 47.
50 mil high density polyethylene plastic 75 \"block. -
Position it and drill 1/8 holes for pop rivets. -
With 5 rivets on one side and 5 on the other, make sure I stay tight. -
Cover the aliasing around the display/button hole with a small piece of black vinyl, then place some silver dots in the button position.
Use the 12v @ 3A direct power supply and start and run. Very bright.
Thank you for reading my instructions if you have any questions or need any help with this or any of my other kits or instructions, please send me a PM or contact me via my website for the project I posted
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