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by:Marslite     2019-10-16
Accessories for cars, bicycles, buses and trucks can not only increase the comfort of driving, but also customize the appearance of the vehicle.
We saw four.
Wheels equipped with powerful headlights and private buses with colorful neon lights-
As we all know, disco lights interfere with the vision of vehicle users in the opposite direction.
Adding to these distractions is the growing trend of installing flashing LED lights behind the vehicle.
The driver holds the led to indicate when the brake is applied. These low-
Almost all stores selling two products have cost lights
Wheeler and four
Wheeler accessories.
A senior transport official said there was no specification for managing the number of lights the vehicle should have.
When they find out, however, department officials do remove the distracting lights.
Transport officials claim they drive regularly and remove disco lights from private buses.
But, they say, there is no drive available from two-
Four wheelers-wheelers.
Committee on road safety
Kathirmathiyon said that there are specific rules in the Motor Vehicles Act and the road safety rules in Tamil Nadu that specify the type and number of lights that the vehicle should have.
The bills also provide that, in addition to the removal of these lights, fines will be imposed on drivers who have defaulted.
He quoted the rules as saying: \"The vehicle should not have any lights other than the lights that are posted on the vehicle at the time of production . \". (Reporting byM. K. Ananth)
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