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disco party light using leftover holiday decorations

by:Marslite     2019-08-29
The first step is to paint the carton.
Ideally, you would like to find a box that is slightly larger than your light --
Holiday decorations are.
Decoration may not provide enough light if the box is too large.
All you need to do is paint outside the box.
In my case, the decoration may be used in a very dark room, so I don\'t care about being neat and tidy.
Cut the flaps at the opening end of the box to about 1 inch.
You want to leave a little box cover on the box to tape the cushion frame.
Insert tin foil into the back of the box and tape.
The inside of the box is not visible, so don\'t worry too much about being neat and tidy.
If you do not paint, you can also cover the outside of the box with building paper or wrapping paper.
It doesn\'t look so neat but in a dark room it does a great job for the decor.
The next step is to create a cushion window for your box similar to the one used in the photo frame.
To create a mat window, simply place the box face down on the black poster to keep track of the size of the box opening
Board or large board of black building paper.
I would ideally use hard paper or pad, but I just use simple building paper.
Once the rectangle is cut into the size of the opening of the box, you want to cut out the area inside.
Measure about 2 inch around the outer area and use a ruler to draw the central area to cut.
Carefully cut out the middle with scissors or exacto knives.
This creates a window frame.
Take a paper towel and cut out about the size of the window frame or mat window.
Fold the edges of the tissue so you can stick the tissue to the back of the window frame.
You can also nail paper towels on the window frame.
You can add decorative elements to the paper towel by cutting a small piece of colored paper towel and sticking it to the substrate.
I recommend dilute the glue with water and apply it gently with a disposable brush.
Paper towels are easy to tear and glue bleed so be careful to apply.
I applied one or two drops of glue on the back of the small decorative paper towel strip instead of a thin layer of glue on it.
When the glue dries, it presents a color-like appearance.
Note: I noticed that the tape does fall off after a while, so if you want your decor to be used for a long time, please use the staple food.
Finally, attach the top of the frame to the box cover at the top of the box using tape, nails or glue.
Make sure you don\'t connect the frame to all flaps as you need a way to insert the remaining light
Holiday decorations.
Keep in mind that you need to lift the mat frame like a door to insert your light element and open your light.
Stick one side to a flap of the box with tape, staple or glue.
Alternatively, use two Brads, one in each corner, fix the frame on the box, separate the rear label of the Brads, and fix the frame on the box.
To keep the window frame closed, you can use Brads to secure the lid, velcro, pin, or a small piece of tape.
If you use brads, keep the rear label of the cover\'s brads (
Window frame)
Closing does not open at this end and must be removed to open the lid.
When ready to use, just turn on the light-
Decorate up and insert it into the box behind the window covered with paper towels.
You can seal it with extra tape or re-seal it
Available version, add velcro on the bottom flap, keep the window on the box.
Paper towels and cardboard are flammable!
Yes, I know it\'s hard to believe, but it\'s true.
Don\'t put any hot open fire or lights in the disco.
A lamp like a halogen lamp can get very hot and light the box.
Use only lights that are cool for touch, such as LED lights or very low wattage bulbs.
Never be left unattended.
Now you have a really cool disco light from the left-
Holiday decorations!
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