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disco lights with arduino

by:Marslite     2019-08-29
Hello everyone, this is my first explanation.
You can criticize my bad habits.
In this structure I will show you my thoughts on Arduino disco lights.
These are the things you need: I added the LED the following way: 2 green and yellow LED on the left and 2 red and blue LED on the right.
Next, I added the 220Ohm resistor on the green and yellow LED.
30 ohm resistor on red and blue LED.
Now you can connect the resistor to the Arduino using the jumper cable.
The first thing I do is connect to the ground.
To do this, I used 2 jumpers to connect the first end of the jumper to the anode of the LED and the other end to the other end of the breadboard.
I then connect the LED to the Arduino.
The connection is as follows: now is an interesting part of writing code.
I made 5 different patterns in random order.
The first mode is to scan from left to right, then three flashes of all LEDs, then alternate between LEDs, followed by four alternating groups of LEDs, and finally two alternating groups of LEDs.
How do I think about the pattern I would use, which is interesting.
I was listening to a concert about film music when I had nothing in my head.
You are now ready to test this program.
I made a video showing the pattern I chose.
You are welcome to write a comment on my style and I will adjust my style according to the comment.
Now, goodbye. . . Happy coding! !
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