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\'disco boy\' prankster keeps operation stack lorry drivers entertained with dance party

by:Marslite     2019-09-03
Drivers face delays while waiting in line for chaos
Popular Channel tunnels enjoy some relaxing entertainment when half the time
Naked DJ performing in mobile disco
Lee Marshall, 30, also known as \"Disco Boy\" because of his musical antics, has accumulated more than 72,000 likes on Facebook,
Mr. Marshall from Canterbury visited the M20 tunnel on Monday night, providing a sense of relief for drivers trapped near the tunnel.
The self-proclaimed entertainer and prank DJ said he considered including the Stack operation, a move by Kent Police to ease congestion during the Calais immigration crisis, after being encouraged on Facebook, in his latest video.
He told the Standard: \"I parked my car in the tunnel, took everything out and left.
Eleven o\'clock P. M. in the evening.
You can see them at first. the drivers]
Do you think this is a threat?
But a few people got off the truck.
They are ready.
\"Although many drivers are from overseas, Mr. Marshall said he did not let the language barrier prevent him from having fun.
\"Language barriers are a bit difficult,\" he said . \"
\"They don\'t really understand, but they get the jist for it.
\"After 40 minutes of music, disco lights and a good time with all the people involved, Mr. Marshall left the tunnel and said he was welcomed by a confused policeman.
He said: \"The police showed up when I went back, but I didn\'t even know what to say.
He said be careful.
I don\'t know what he thinks.
\"His unusual girl in shorts, sunglasses and hats also sparked an online conversation, but it was all part of the gimmick, Mr. Marshall said.
He added: \"It\'s like a uniform and everyone knows the image.
I hope I\'m in a suit now, though. \"[The drivers]didn\'t care.
They were just happy to see a little entertainment.
Everyone is smiling and having their phone go out and record and some people go out and dance.
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